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XMark Adjustable XM 7630 Bench Review – Total Fitness Quest

XMark Adjustable XM 7630 Bench Review

  • Exercise Options
  • Bench Angles
  • Durability
  • Price


If you want to increase the equipment in your home gym or want a durable workout bench that will save you high gym fees, you should check out the XMark Adjustable XM-7630 Bench

Last Updated October, 2017

If you want to increase the equipment in your home gym or want a durable workout bench that will save you high gym fees, you should check out the XMark Weight Bench Adjustable XM-7630. The bench is unique in its build prioritization of function over anything else.

The XMark weight bench is built to last for the exercise purposes it is intended for. The design of the bench was arrived at after careful consideration of function and build quality. You will not help but compare the bench with heavy duty cranes.

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about the XMark workout bench, from the features to exercise options, pros and cons to customer reviews. Let’s get started.

Features of the XMark Weight Bench

  1. Design

Most people go to commercial gyms to be able to engage in the wide range of workouts that can be accomplished with the equipment. Often, you can choose between incline, decline and even flat benches depending on the workout you want to perform. But how can you achieve the same diverse workouts in a home gym?

You need to find a bench that offers a full range of positions and has commercial grade strength. The XMark is one of such benches. The equipment is built to last and allows for a wide range of exercise options, and more.

  1. Bench Angles

The XMark is a very versatile workout bench with 7 different adjustment angles. The bench will enable you carry out different types of weight training and stay motivated to get results. The adjustment angles range from decline right up to military and are -20°, 0°, 35°, 50°, 65°, and 85°.

The seat cushion of the bench is ergonomically designed and has three positions with pop-in adjustment. You can make your workouts comfortable by adjusting the seat position.

  1. Dimensions

xmark xm 7630 weightbench dimensionsThe dimension of the XMark bench as 52.5” x 22.5” x 50.5” when assembled. When flat, the height is 19.5”.The bench has plenty of padding. The back cushion is 33.5”x11.5” while the seat cushion is 16”x16”.

The weight rating of the bench is 1500lbs. This high rating makes the bench a great equipment to have for anyone who is into serious weight lifting. The bench weighs just about 64lbs, which is low
considering the high quality steel frames that it’s made of.

  1. Materials

The seat cushion and back support are made from double-stitched Duraguard vinyl. The material is 3” thick and hence you can be sure it will not tear for a lifetime. The durable padding also makes supports various types of exercises and makes workouts comfortable.

The ergonomic design of the seat allows for maximum gains from workouts and reduces fatigue and discomfort.

The frames of the XMark adjustable workout bench are made from 2” x 3” 11-gauge commercial steel. Therefore, you can be sure the bench is sturdy enough to handle any workouts you may be doing. The frames are also coated with baked powder to prevent scratches and protect against rust.

  1. Bonus Attachments

The bench has built-in transport wheels that make moving it easy. You can lift the bench up by the foot bar and wheel it easily out of place. The feet are bolted and are skid resistance. When working out, you are sure of your safety no matter the amount of weight you are lifting.

At the bottom, the XMark workout bench has an attached bar you can use to hook your feet to remain stable. You can then use your feet to keep your body in the right position and stable when doing exercises like power sit-ups.

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XMark Adjustable Bench Settings

Like is the case with any FID (flat, incline and decline) bench, you will probably be adjusting the backrest to different positions depending on the workout you are doing.

XMark Adjustable XM-7630 BenchThe XMark has a ladder-style adjustment that makes adjusting to different positions easy. To make an adjustment, you simply need to lift the support bar using one of the handles and then place it to the available preset position you want.

The positions on the bench have been marked with an angle. Therefore, you can record the angle against your workout plan to ensure efficient muscle development. When the bench is at decline, you can adjust the seat to a higher incline to make your lower back comfortable.

The adjustable seat on the bench also allows you to vary the distance the knees are from the foot support bar. The foot support plays an important role as you can slide your feet behind it to hold in place as you are performing decline exercises.

Finally, the base stabilizer bar has transport wheels. The wheels make it easier to lift the workout bench by the foot, and then move it around during your workouts.

Exercise Options

Whether you have been weight training for many years or are starting a new fitness program, it is beneficial to vary your workout routines. Performing different routines will help to build your muscles and improve stamina.

While you can always change the sets and reps, varying the routines on working out various parts of the body always leads to the best results. This being the case, it is important to buy a FID bench that can provide various incline and decline positions so that you can perform different types of exercises.
The XMark weight bench incline, decline and flat position makes it an ideal bench for a variety of intense body workouts. Below are some exercises you can do on the bench with a simple free weight set:

  • Pullovers
  • Decline sit-upsXMark Adjustable XM 7630 Bench Workout
  • Side lateral raises
  • Arnold presses
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Seater hammer curls
  • Incline bicep curls
  • Decline dumbbell flys
  • Incline dumbbell press

Check the video below for some exercises you can do with the Xmark bench:

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XMark Weight Bench Features Summary

  • Powder coat finish that makes it scratch resistant and rust-proof
  • Can be easily moved thanks to its built-in transport wheels
  • Foot hold down bar provides support when doing decline exercise
  • 3-position ergonomic adjustable seat
  • 7-position adjustment (From decline to military press position)
  • Double-stitched Duraguard vinyl pad that is resistant to tear
  • Suitable for light institutional or home/garage gym use
  • Made from commercial quality 2’x3’ 11 gauge steel and hence is durable
  • High weight capacity of 1500lbs. You can lift an incredibly large weight with it.
  • Measures 52.50”x 22.50”x 50.50”, which is reasonable for a small space
  • Available in gray and white colors

Assembly and Installation

The bench is shipped in parts and hence you will need to put it together yourself. However, assembling it is easy and there is a handy instruction manual and tools to help you out. Your shipment will also come with a bit of touch-up paint in case you will need to give the bench a new look after years of serving you.


XMark Fitness is very confident of its weight bench and offers a lifetime guarantee for it.

Customer Reviews

One of the most recognized companies that make fitness equipment is XMark Fitness. The company is famous for designing and building high quality weight benches. Apart from the XMark Adjustable Weight Bench, the company has other workout benches in the market.

When you go through the reviews of customers who bought the XMark workout bench on Amazon, you will understand why it’s one of my top recommendations. Dozens of users have given the bench a 5 star review and provide in-depth feedback about what they like.

I have compiled the reviews into a summary of pros and cons of the bench.

Pros of XMark Adjustable Weight Bench

  • Features high quality welding and materials, which provide a solid and stable feel when working out.
  • The transport wheels make it easy to move the bench during workouts
  • The padding is thick and comfortable, making workouts enjoyable
  • You can easily switch to different positions depending on the exercises you want to do
  • The high weight rating means you can use the bench with confidence
  • Comes with comprehensive set of instructions which make assembling a breeze
  • You have plenty of exercises to choose from with the bench’s 6-position settings.

Cons of the XMark Adjustable Weight Bench

Majority of customers have left a 4 or 5 star (the highest) rating for the XMark. Having gone through all the reviews, I would be lying if I said there are any glaring cons of the weight bench.

However, like is the case with any shipping, some customer orders may have a few missing parts. These parts are however always shipped when requested. Another concern a few people have is the price tag of the bench. The bench is a little bit pricier than its competitors (check current price).

However, the great build and lifetime warranty means you will never have to spend any money on a workout bench again after purchasing the XMark. Some customers also noted that there is no specific handle. However, since there is a foot lock, you can use it to pick the bench and wheel it around.

Also, if you are looking for color customization like is provided by Legend 3-Way, you won’t find it with the XMark. But who needs color anyway when the bench is solid and offers 7 positions?

Finally, you may find that your unit did not ship with enough washers to secure the seats. Fixing the bench without all the washers can make it wobble a bit. However, you can pick the washers at a local hardware store. They are 3/8”.

XMark Adjustable Weight Bench Review Summary

While the XMark XM 7630 is referred to as a dumbbell bench, the high weight capacity, variety of positions and transport wheels make it ideal for combining with smith machines, squat stands, cable machines and power cages.

The heavy-duty feet are skid resistant and provide a stable base when you are working out. Moreover, the thick padding on the seat and backrest will ensure you enjoy your workout.

While the price of the XMark XM-7630 is higher than of other high end benches like the Bowflex SelectTech 5.1, its strength, stability and features make it worth the price tag.

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