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Free Supplements Trick

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Listen, there’s a dirty little secret that I know about bodybuilding.com. They will give you a bunch of free samples of all sorts of different supplements, but only if you find them…

When ever you decide to buy some supplements, after you pick what ever type of product you wanted to get, just do a search for “fr.ee sample” and select whatever products you want to try out. When I bought some optimum whey and casein protein I got free samples of lipo 6, lipo 6x, a bunch of different pre workout supplements, free vitamins, and my favorite one, hot rox extreme.

They offer different free samples at different times, so it depends on when you buy something, but ive done this every time I order my supplements and have gotten at least 8-10 fr.ee samples!
There’s no strings attached either, just pick up some protein (gold standard whey is my favorite) or whatever you want, then type in the search bar free samples and pick out which ones you want and include them on your order. Simple right?

Here are some of the major Bodybuilding.com Supplement Categories…

The Best Fat Burners


Proteins and Meal Replacements!


Top 50 Selling Products!!

Top 50 Selling Products Under $15!!!

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To Your Fitness Success!

Jack Blake

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