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Niacin Max Review – Best Supplement for Bodybuilders – Total Fitness Quest

Niacin Max Review – Best Supplement for Bodybuilders

Everybody wants a well-built body…well, at least everyone I know. However, as we grow older, achieving a well-built body becomes more challenging. This is especially if you had an illness or some injury when young. Today, I will review a product that can help tone your physique and give you body you have always wanted. Read my Niacin Max review to know what the supplement  is all about.

Niacin Max Review: What is Niacin Max?

Ordinary supplements, even in relatively minute doses, go through a time niacin max reviewsconsuming digestion process prior to entering the blood stream. And because the supplements are formulated as pills, liquids or powders that are difficult for the body to absorb, it takes them longer to reach where they are supposed to act. However, things are different with Niacin Max. This is no ordinary supplement. The body building supplement uses proprietary technology to deliver the compounds to where they are needed in the body.

When you take Niacin Max, it is immediately absorbed into your blood stream. The supplement’s formulation  enables it avoid getting into your digestive system. This means there is no lengthy digestion process for the compounds. This is unlike almost 90% of other bodybuilding supplements, which never really get into your blood stream and therefore don’t provide real benefits.

Niacin Max has gained recognition as an effective supplement for athletes and body builders, both in the offline and online communities.

Who are the Brains Behind Niacin Max Product?

Niacin Max is a product of Wolfson Berg Limited, a German company famous for quality supplements that have been approved by FDA. The ingredients used to make the supplement have been approved by the FDA. Moreover, the product has been clinically tested. Check out Niacin Max official website for more information.

Niacin Max Review: How Does the Supplement Look Like?

Niacin Max is designed as a strip and recommended to be taken early in the morning. Why morning? You need high energy levels through the day to efficiently perform activities. When your body receives nutrients early, you will have the energy to perform workouts. The compounds in Niacin are absorbed quickly in the body.

Niacin Max supplements boost oxygen circulation within the body. Moreover, they increase RBC counts and blood circulation. From the Niacin Max reviews online, users indicate the supplement boost the blood oxygen levels by as much as 50%.

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Who Should Use Niacin Max?

Niacin Max has been created for everyone who desires a firm, well-toned body. However, the supplement is best suitable for body builders or anyone who loves flexing their muscles. Niacin Max gives you better results when you are exercising. It boosts your focus, energy levels and stamina.

The supplement’s genius design, a thin film, takes only a few seconds to melt in your mouth. This is  unlike ordinary supplements that come in the traditional tablet form. Niacin Max’s delivery helps in dilation of the blood vessels. This increases the oxygen amount that flows through your body. In addition, it increases flow of vitamin B3 in your blood stream. The end result is an increase in vitality and increased performance levels due to the nourished brain and muscles.

Benefits of Niacin Max of Body Builders?

niacin max review

1. Increased human growth hormones (HGH)
Bodybuilders and athletes produce extra growth hormones during compound exercises like bend press, squats and dead-lifts. The HGG is also produced during training.

Growth hormones help to increase muscle mass and strength. They also repaire sore muscles and injured tissues. This helps you to recover faster when you succumb to injury.

Human growth hormones (HGH) help to break down fat, leading to lean, healthier body mass and reduced body fat. Clinical studies showed that during exercise, Niacin Max can increase human growth hormone levels by up to a whopping 600%. Can you imagine what will happen when this is combined with the naturally produced human growth hormones during training? You can definitely be sure of improving in your athlete or body building category. Check “The Evidence” section of Niacin Max official website for links to clinical studies.

2. Increased Vascularity
In reference to body building, vascularity is the tendency to develop highly visible and extensively ramified superficial veins. In any bodybuilding contest, this is among the minute details that determine the winner.

When you take Niacin Max during a workout, blood flow increases to the working muscles and your body show the veins after a short time.

3. Antioxidant properties
When performing intensive training, a high amount of reactive oxygen is produced by your body. This, together with free radicals, can harm your cells. When red blood cells are continuously exposed to oxygen, they are more prone to oxidative damage. When this happens, your aerobic capacity can decrease, and eventually decrease your performance.

Sports activities like swimming, running, cycling and weightlifting also contribute to damage of the red blood cells. Scientists have actually proven that the lifespan of red blood cells of athletes and bodybuildes is 40% shorter than of the average person. Niacin Max contains natural antioxidant properties that protect your system from exercise-initiated cell damage.

4. Increased red blood cells production
The process of blood transportation involves red blood cells moving with oxygen in the body. This means an increase in the numbers of red blood cells leads to increase in the capability of the blood to carry and transport oxygen.

During intensive training, in marathon races and athletic sports, where there is always a possibility of running out of air, an increase in oxygen in the blood will significantly boost your energy levels. In turn, you will have even greater performance.

Niacin Max provides a safe and natural way of boosting your red blood cells and consequently oxygen supply to your brain and muscles.

5. Increases oxygen flow
Your blood is the ‘organ’ responsible for transporting hormones, nutrients, and oxygen to the muscles in your body to maintain its working capability. When you increases nutrient and oxygen supply to the muscles, your vitality and perseverance in training also increases. This in turn helps you to work out for longer and at a higher intensity. Niacin Max is not only capable of increasing your blood flow; it also widens the blood vessels making it possible for more oxygen rich blood to reach the target organs faster.

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niacin max review

Let me explain how Niacin Max works scientifically…

Niacin Max is designed as a thin film for ingestion. When ingested, the supplement rapidly dissolves under the tongue and is transported to the mucosal tissues within the blood stream in a few minutes. This way, Niacin Max acts as a cell delivery supplement that is absorbed in the blood stream a lot faster that traditional liquid and tablet bodybuilding supplements.

In reality, the strip behaves like a protective layer that keep off liposome from encircling the niacin and destroying it. The effects of Niacin Max double when taken  on an empty stomach.

Best Way of Using Niacin Max?

The recommended Niacin Max dosage is one strip on a daily basis in the morning. A strip contains 80mg of Niacin. You should take Niacin before taking any food. This is because after you consume food, your system will develop more fatty acids. 10 minutes after taking Niacin Max, you can have your first meal.

If you want the results to be more effective, take Niacin Max more than four or five hours before you start exercising. If you work out six days a week, you can take an additional strip three or four hours before you go to sleep. There is no harm taking a strip even on the days that you don’t work out.

Niacin Max Side Effects

One of the questions people ask is: Will Niacin Max give me a flush?

Yes, after taking Niacin Max, you are likely to experience a mild Niacin flush.

Compared to other Niacin supplements, the flushes from Niacin Max are quite few. You shouldn’t give too much thought to flush if it is your first time taking a Niacin supplement.

Getting the flush is actually a good thing as it shows that the supplement is functioning. Niacin will help dilate the blood vessels in the body. This will make more blood pass through to and provide necessary nutrients and oxygen to all the body organs.

You are bound to experience the niacin flush when blood circulates to the capillary vessels that are close to the skin surface. The skin is likely to redden.

When this happens, it is an indication that Niacin Max is the fastest performing niacin supplement in the market. The earlier you will undergo the flush the quicker the supplement will be performing in your body.

Where Can I Purchase Niacin Max?

At the Niacin Max official website, you can get the best deals as well as most recent reviews and user experiences of the supplement. At the time of publishing this Niacin Max review, the cost of a box of 30 strips is £29.99 in the UK and $39.99 in the US. The deal gets better when you order in bulk. For instance purchasing 2 boxes will give you one free box. You can also check out their return policies and money-back guarantee from Niacin Max official website.

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Niacin Max Review Conclusion

Niacin Max is a revolutionary product that would be thrilling for anyone to try out. The bodybuilding supplement has undergone rigorous clinical tries and returned true. I highly recommend it for anyone who would want to quickly and efficiently increasing their workout routine performance.

If you are an aspiring body builder or athlete and want to be a top achiever, using Naicin Max is the best way to do it without risking your career and integrity. Niacin Max is an ethical and legal supplement that is being used by famous sports women and men to increase their performance and get an edge over others during competitions. If it was up to me, I would have everyone have a pack of Niacin Max in their gym bag.

Visit the official Niacin Max website for more information.

niacin max review