Should You Take Natural Testosterone Supplements?

Testosterone is a type of steroid hormone which helps to develop the male reproductive system and plays a huge role in muscle mass, bone strength and even body hair. When men reach their 20’s, their testosterone levels begin to slowly decline, and by the time they’re in their 30’s, the levels have dropped off significantly. For this reason, some middle-aged men have been taking natural testosterone supplements every day. By understanding the benefits and risks, individuals can determine whether they should be taking testosterone boosters or not.

How Testosterone Loss Affects Middle-Aged Men

As testosterone levels in the body begin to drop, men may notice that their energy levels drop as well. In addition to feeling more fatigued, the loss of testosterone can begin to affect the way a man feels. Many men notice that they feel irritable and depressed; in fact, many experts refer to this point in a man’s life as “male menopause.” During this time it becomes very difficult for a man to maintain his lean muscle mass, and even more difficult to build muscle. Because of this, men often experience weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. Many men begin taking a natural testosterone supplement around this time in their lives.

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How Testosterone Loss Affects a Man’s Sex Life

In addition to the mental and physical changes above, lower testosterone levels can affect a man’s sex life as well. Most men will experience a decreased sex drive, which can lead to relationship problems if not understood properly. Also, some men may experience premature ejaculation or impotency for the first time in their lives. For those who have suffered with those issues before middle age, they can become worse with testosterone loss. A testosterone supplement can help reduce or alleviate these issues, which can be very frustrating and embarrassing for men.

Taking Testosterone Boosters for Muscle Building

Middle-aged men who want to maintain lean muscle mass or build muscle can benefit greatly from a natural testosterone supplement. When taken properly, testosterone can increase the amount of lean muscle mass a man is able to build, with little or no side effects. It’s important to note that men who abuse testosterone at this point in their lives in order to build muscle super quickly are sure to experience negative side effects. However, when used correctly and in the appropriate dosage, testosterone should be perfectly safe.

Natural Testosterone Supplements and Bone/Muscle Health

Because testosterone is also essential to bone health in men, testosterone loss can often lead to increased frailty. Without the strong, lean muscle mass to protect the bones, the situation can get even worse. By taking testosterone supplements that help strengthen the bones and increase or maintain lean muscle mass, men can avoid this frailty and keep themselves healthier.

Natural Testosterone Supplements for Male Heart Health

Along with everything else that changes in a man’s body during middle age, the heart rate and blood pressure will change as well. Typically, these things increase, adding more stress on the heart. For some men, this could lead to heart conditions or even cardiac arrest. A testosterone supplement may act to prevent these things from happening. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that those taking the testosterone replacement experienced lowered heart rates and blood pressure.

Risks and Side Effects of Natural Testosterone Supplements in Middle Aged Men

Few side effects have been reported by men who took testosterone supplements; however, it’s important to be aware of those few side effects. Taking a testosterone supplement has been linked to a higher amount of fluid retention in the body, which some experts are worried may affect heart health. It has also been linked to higher amounts of prostate-specific antigen, although it has never been linked to an increase in prostate cancer occurrences. Most experts believe that when taken in the appropriate dosage, there are little to no side effects.

Overall, testosterone supplements can be extremely beneficial for middle-aged men whose testosterone levels have started to drop. Not only does it improve mood and concentration, but it can prevent weight gain, increase lean muscle mass, improve sexual health, and even strengthen or maintain the strength of the bones. A testosterone supplement is something most middle-aged men would likely benefit from.

What Are Some Good Natural Testosterone Supplements To Take?

Taking a natural testosterone supplement can be a hit or miss situation because of the many factors that may affect the overall outcome when taking them.  Personally, I like to stick with the brand name supplement companies such as Nutrex T-Up, PharmaFreak Anabolic Freak, or Athletic Edge Nutrition APE. All three of these supplements have very good ratings and customer reviews and should be your best shot at naturally raising your testosterone levels.  Supplements like these need to be taken properly by following the label instructions, eating healthy, and regular exercise.  If you feel like you are becoming too aggressive or irritated then consider scaling back on the dosage because the amount may be too much for you.


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