MuscleTech: Neurocore Review

NeuroCore by MuscleTech is a straight to the point type of pre workout supplement. It was specifically designed to do two things: Get you pumped up for your workout, Get you lean muscle mass gains. The labeling is clear and the ingredients are what you would typically find in a good workout supplement. Beta-Alanine, L-Citruline, Caffeine, Creatine, and Geranium Extract are typical ingredients in most pre workouts, but instead of standard creatine monohydrate or a blend which is also common, Muscletech opted for straight Creatine HCl which I like because it is ultra-concentrated and highly absorbable. There are some other unique ingredients like Rhodiola and Vinpocetine that are not typically found in these types of supplements. Rhodiola is said to improve mental focus and Vinpocetine is said to improve cyclic GMP levels by inhibiting GMP phosphodiesterase. Whether or not these ingredients actually help is highly debatable.

What Is It Used For?

As a pre-workout stimulant, MuscleTech NeuroCore is mainly designed to help you get you pumped up and focused before, during, and after you begin any intense physical activity.  It is also designed to increase stamina and ATP production, thus helping you prolong your workouts in order to build hard-earned muscle.

What Are Its Ingredients?

MuscleTech NeuroCore contains a mix of ingredients carefully selected to help up your strength and energy.  Its key ingredients include caffeine, beta-alanine, L-citrulline and creatine hydrochloride(HCI).

Beta-alanine is an ingredient known and proven to help enhance the muscle and strength building process.  With L-citrulline, your body can reach superior peal plasma arginine levels, compared with weaker ingredients such as L-arginine or L-arginine AKG. It will help you endure intense and longer lasting muscle pumps. Creatine HCI is a concentrated form of creatine that is used for increasing gains in size and strength.

Aside from these key ingredients MuscleTech NeuroCore has added other substances for maximum results. To help support your body’s blood flow, especially during intense workouts, rauwolscine and yohimbine extracts are also combined with this pre-workout supplement. And lastly, for that extra boost of energy, caffeine has also been added to the mix. Caffeine might get a bad rap for inducing nerves and jitters, but taken in the appropriate amount, it can help you have more energy as well as an enhanced focus. Not only that, caffeine has also been proven to increase thermogenesis which helps you burn fat during your workouts.

Are There Any Side Effects To Taking It?

Since MuscleTech NeuroCore does contain stimulants, experiencing some side effects due to this is normal. If you are especially sensitive to caffeine, you might experience jitters upon taking this product. It is advised that you first assess your tolerance with this product before taking in the full effect dosage. To assess your tolerance, dissolve 1 rounded scoop in 4 oz water. If you do not experience any ill effects, you can make use of the higher recommended dosage. Read the label and instructions before use.

What Did Others Think?

Many of the people who have tried MuscleTech NeuroCore are quite satisfied with this product. They felt that the product delivers what it has promised: a quick increase in energy and helps increase strength. Not only that, even after a good, solid 2 hours of intensely working out, you typically wont feel too tired out. NeuroCore provides you with the extra energy so you can actually go beyond your normal limits. People have also noticed a dramatic increase in focus with this product, without experiencing a hard crash. The taste is great and it dissolves quickly in water.


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The Bottom Line –

MuscleTech NeuroCore is definitely a strong product to beat. It can be compared to other higher priced pre workout supplements that can give you the same effects. One other fact about Neurocore is that it does not contain Arginine, stating that it’s ineffective and therefore not needed. Again, highly debatable and borderline controversial. As far as serving size, you get 45 servings for around $32 which sounds like a deal, but most people end up taking 2 or 3 scoops per workout session so that would leave you at best 15-22 servings. I’ve tried Nerocore myself and I’ve spoken to others who have as well and people like this product, but always comment on the price per servings being a bit higher that others, but because it contains my favorite form of creatine, the energy is smooth and lasts all workout, and the taste is good, I think this pre workout supplement is one of the best around.

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