Muscle Pharm Assault Review

If you’re looking for a great all-in-one pre workout supplement, than look no further than Muscle Pharm Assault.  This supplement has way more to it than just caffeine, it is packed with BCAA’s, creatine, glutamine, arginine, and more to get you dialed in and ripping it in the gym.  Not since the release of NO Xplode has any other pre workout supplement been as revered as being one of the best to be created to date.  This review will help you understand what is in Assault and why it is such a great supplement.

What Is Assault Used For?

This formula is a concentrated blend that helps increase energy levels, focus, increase stamina, and build muscle by pushing you harder in the gym.  Made from only the finest of ingredients, Muscle Pharm Assault not only promises you power while it bulks you up and builds your muscles by allowing nutrients to surge in, but it also has a lot more to offer you. So what exactly is in it?

What Are The Ingredients To Muscle Pharm Assault?

The main ingredients to most all-in-one pre workout supplements are caffeine, creatine, tyrosine, and arginine and Assault is much the same in that respect, but where other pre workout supplements stop, Assault just starts to get going.  The ingredients found in Assault are concentrated so you know you are getting a very potent shot of muscle building nutrients.

The first on the list is creatine. In Assault you have 2 forms of creatine here: creatine HCl and Creapure brand creatine monohydrate.  Creatine HCl is the most concentrated form of creatine to date and Creapure creatine is refined version of monohydrate.  Both of these two types of creatine are considered the best by many in the industry and they are the main muscle building ingredients found in Assault.

Caffeine- You might be surprised to know that Assault is not the “strongest” stimulant-based pre workout supplement on the market.  Although there is a proprietary blend that hides the exact amount I can only guess that a 1/2 scoop would yield about 150mg of caffeine.  A full scoop is about 300mg which is the highest recommended serving size for this supplement, but rarely will you need that much.

Arginine – Arginine is used in supplements like these to increase the blood flow by expanding your veins to allow more nutrients to flow to your muscles.  There are actually 3 forms of Arginine found in Assault.

BCAAs – Assault utilizes a 3:1:2 BCAA ratio that utilizes more valine and leucine to help fight muscle fatigue.

Beta alanine –  an amino acid the builds up over time, allows your muscles to endure more. Being one of the main ingredients, it also helps your body fight off lactic acid and ammonia in your muscles by producing carnosine, this means your muscles will not get fatigued so easily enabling you to push for more.

Electrolyte Blend – Assault is one of the only pre workout supplements that contain an electrolyte blend to hydrate and increase cellular responses.  A must-have for anyone taking stimulants.

Making use of a ginseng extract, astragin, Muscle Pharm Assault helps you lower your blood glucose levels while increasing creatine and arginine absorption, as well as increasing glucose uptake and ATP production. And with its ingredient called cinnulin, your body will easily absorb all of the nutrients Assault has to offer.

And as for the ingredient responsible for giving everyone who takes Muscle Pharm Assault such incredible pumps, it is all thanks citrulline malate.

Are there Side Effects?

As with all workout supplements, Muscle Pharm Assault has its share of side effects as well, however, unlike other products, there are only two common side effects that people may experience: itching and diarrhea. And because it contains 4g of beta alanine, some may find their face, underarms, forearms, knees and legs itchy. Though it may be an annoyance, it is not at all dangerous.

However, these side effects can be easily avoided by simply following the directions and the warnings of the product.

What Do Others Think?

All in all, consumers have found the product to be very effective, giving it high praises.

Some consumers swear by it, feeling its effects right after 10 short minutes. They find that the energy it gives them is outstanding, so much so that they recommend people to switch to Muscle Pharm Assault because of the amazing results they have been getting.

Though some do not give it a perfect score, it is still hailed to be one of the best products out there.  The biggest complaint that I’ve read regarding this supplement is that the stimulants are not strong enough.  For me, I thought it was fine.  It’s a funny thing when you take stimulants.  Once you’ve been taking them for a while your body will build up a tolerance to them and thus, the effects will not be so strong.  This is true with any supplement, you just need to realize that when this happens than it is time for you to take a break from stimulants to allow your body to re-adjust.

Here Is My Muscle Pharm Assault Review Stats

The Bottom Line

I have been a fan of Muscle Pharm Assault for a long time. This supplement is a well-rounded supplement that gets me pumped, focused, and on track with my workouts. Assault has much more in it than just stimulants and Creatine. It has other nutrients like BCAAs, carbs. electrolytes and vitamins which makes this supplement a true all in one product. The main ingredients are Creatine, L-Arginine, BCAA’s, L-Glutamine, vitamins, and energy stimulants that are synergistically combined together into a potent dose of pure iron-pumping mayhem. Hundreds of real athletes of all kinds have this product rated at a solid 9 out of 10 on which is damn good, considering how many people have chimed in and voted. I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorites for many reasons, but I am not a big fan of Niacin and the stimulant strength could be a bit more in my opinion, but that’s probably due to the fact that I take a lot of stimulants and I have built up a tolerance.



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