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MIR Weighted Vest Review – Total Fitness Quest

MIR Weighted Vest Review

MIR is one of the most trusted brands in the weight training world. The brand is synonymous of high quality fitness products that are loved by both beginner and advanced athletes engaging in chin ups, pull-ups, box jumps, squats, deadlifts and other sports demands. The MIR Weighted Vest is among the most popular products of the company. With hundreds of positive reviews on sites like Amazon, it is clear that the MIR is one of the best weighted vests in the market.

The MiR weighted vest is made of the super-strong and durable 1200 D Nylon. The vest is sold with a lifetime warranty, which attests to its high quality.

We found the MIR weighted vest suitable for all kinds of training. Whether you want to get a shredded and lean body for the summer or would like to build huge muscles, the MIR is a fitness accessory you should have. We also found some drawbacks of vests that you should know about. We have outlined the drawbacks down in this review.

The MIR weighted vest comes at a slightly higher price than other workout vests in the market. However, is the price justified? Read this MIR weighted vest review to find out.

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Features of the MiR Weighted Vest

#One Size Fits All

Whether you are short and fit like a bull or tall with no muscles, the MIR weighted vest will fit you. The vest is a shorter model and ends at just above the stomach. This size makes it the ideal vest for exercises that involve a lot of mobility.

However, we wouldn’t really recommend the MIR vest for women. This is because it is quite compact and hence can put a lot of pressure on a woman’s breasts. However, if you are a female with a small bust, you can get the vest. Still, we would prefer if you selected on of the recommended weighted vests for women.

Another drawback we found is the vest can start rubbing the skin when you wear it for some time. The rubbing is not really rough but it creates some discomfort. Therefore, we recommend wearing a T-shirt underneath the vest.

Another important thing to note is that not all MIR vests come with weights. You have to use your own weights or purchase add-on weights when ordering some vests. For example, the MIR Short 40LBS does not come with weights while the MIR 50LBs Vests comes with weights.


Need some inspiration? Watch the MIR weighted vest workout video below.

#Adjustable Weighted Vest

Unlike some of the cheap weighted vests we have tested, the MiR can be adjusted at several places but not the waist. For example, you can adjust the shoulders to get the perfect fit. When training while wearing weight vests, the shoulders can get sore. We loved the fact that we could adjust the MIR’s shoulder area to fit.

The MiR Weighted vest has small pockets on the back and front. This allows you to easily adjust the weights as you train. The weight distribution remains stable regardless of the pockets where you put the weights.

However, the pockets are really snug. Getting them out with tools is quite a challenge. Thus, you may find yourself getting tired pretty quickly when adjusting the weight.


The MiR Weighted vest is quite comfortable thanks to the double-padded shoulders. The inner side is lined with a breathable mesh fabric that prevents the heat from getting trapped. The fabric does not do much in letting in cool air. This work is left to the open sides.

Another feature we love is the adjustable strap at the middle part of the vest. The little strap comes handy when you want the vest to fit snugly. You can adjust the vest fitting using the strap when taking part in football, calisthenics and other sports.

One problem we noticed with some vests we reviewed in the past is that they are too long such that they restrict movement around the abdomen and in turn make you feel stiff. However, we did not encounter this problem with the MIR weighted vest. The short length of the vest allows you free range of motion in all directions.

#Different Weight Capacities

The MiR weighted vests comes in different weight capacities, from 30 pounds to a whopping 200 pounds. The accompanying weights are 3 pounds each, making it easy to fine-tune the weights you want to carry.

#Range of Prices

The prices of the vests vary depending on their weight caliber. You can check the prices at Amazon or Rogue Fitness. The prices are usually changing. At the moment, Amazon offers the best price of the MIR Weighted vest starting from (check prices).

If you have progressed in your fitness journey, you probably know that cheap is not always good. We recommend beginners to purchase the 50LBs Vest at Amazon since it comes with weights. If you are more advanced, you can go for higher weighted capacity vests.


Given that some MIR weighed vests are quite expensive compared to other weighted vests in the market, durability was therefore a biggie for us. We wanted to see whether the vest would last. We are happy to report that the vests are very well made with thick and sturdy materials. We do not see the vests getting worn out or ever ripping even if they are used daily.

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We think the Velcro belt will stop working before the MIR weighted vest tears or rips. Even so, the replacements straps are pretty cheap at Amazon.

Assembling the MIR Weighted Vest

Assembling the MiR weighted vest is quite easy. You simply need to put the strap on the vest and tighten it snugly on your body. From there, just add the weights you would like.

MIR could provide better instructions on how to assemble the vest. The instructions they provide are pretty vague and confusing. However, we got everything figured out. To help you out, here’s what you need to do:

1. Place the long straps lying flat so that the two rough ends and the soft middle are facing up.



2. Take one of the straps with the two D-rings, pull it through and affix the Velcro to secure it to the long strap as pictured.



3. Take one of the straps with the small thin Velcro strap on the opposite side facing up as pictured.



4. This will make a Velcro loop of sorts with a rough and soft Velcro at each end and the main part available to stick to the vest.



5. Here is a different view of the loop we’ve freshly assembled



6. Fix the straps on the vest horizontally as below




8. Here is how the back of the vest looks like. Note: you are only seeing the main portion of the loops made.



9. The front of the vest looks like this. Here, you can see the rough and soft sides of the Velcro ends.


Summary of Features

  • No leakage. The vest contains iron-compressed bars. Therefore, you can be sure they will not leak anything.
  • Optimum weight distribution. The weights are loaded on the front and back of the upper body for optimum performance.
  • Super compact. Compact design of only 11-inched in length. This ensures a snug fit and allows maximum mobility
  • Narrow shoulder design. The shoulders are also adjustable.
  • Double padding throughout the vest ensures a longer lifespan.
  • Available in various weight capacities, from 30 pounds to over 200 pounds
  • Adjustable weights of 3-pound increments

Our Verdict

We found the MiR weighted vest a solid accessory for indoor and outdoor weight training. The vest is great for anyone looking to add weight to their existing running workouts, cross-fit workouts, sprint workouts and agility routines. We also recommend it for high school athletes looking to add more resistance to their workouts without the inconvenience of their mobility being restricted.

While there are some drawbacks to the vest, its compactness, comfort and wide range of prices compensated for them. The MiR is without a doubt one of the best weighted vests in the market.

Check Price of MiR Weighted  Vest at Amazon

MiR Weighted Vest Prices Starts from $55 at RogueFitness.com

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