Magnum Nutraceuticals: Serum Review

Serum by Magnum Nutraceuticals is a complex all-in-1 pre workout formula that combines 6 sources of Creatine formulas and 5 Arginine formulas. To add to the list of notable ingredients are Calcium, Beta-Alanine, Betaine, L-Taurine, BCAA’s L-Tyrosine, and Alpha Lipoic Acid among others. That’s right, MN has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink with this “Accelerated” blend. To begin, the Creatine Blends are Creatine Ethyl Ester, Tri-Creatine Malate, Creatine Pyruvate, Creatine Orotate, and Creatine Decanote. Sounds impressive huh? I personally have not had too much experience with these forms of Creatine, but the bottom line here is that all of these forms of Creatine have another element bonded with it to improve absorption into your muscles.

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For instance, Creatine Ethyl Ester is Creatine bonded with Esters – A reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohols. Tri-Creatine Malate is three creatine molecules attached to one molecule of malic acid whereas Creatine Pyruvate is Creatine bonded with pyruvic acid. I personally have not had too much experience with these forms of Creatine, but the bottom line here is that all of these forms of Creatine have another element bonded with it to improve absorption into your muscles. The same can be said with the 5 forms of Arginine whereas the Arginine is boned with another element to improve circulation the circulation of Arginine and improve the “pump”

What are the essential ingredients?

This pre workout supplement has five organic sources of arginine and five bio-available forms of creatine. Magnum Serum is packed with L-Citrulline and L-Norvaline, which are amino acids that help increase the stamina and speed up muscle recovery by supporting the recycling of arginine into your body.

The “Muscle Expansion Amplifiers” formula provides a great source of stamina during intensive workouts with the help of whey protein Isolate, L-Taurine, Beta-Alanine, L-Valine and L-Leucine. L-Leucine helps to keep muscle tissues healthy and also serves as a good source of energy, while taurine is a major building block in muscle development, being the second most abundant in Type II muscle fibers.

Magnum is packed with Muscle Expansion Amplifiers which include:

Beta-Alanine helps in vasodilatation and provides energy during high-intensity aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Betaine – promotes proper liver function and cellular reproduction.

Glynostemma Pentaphyllum – increases vasodilation and nutrient flow and intake.

L-Isoleucine Ethyl Ester – regulates the level of blood sugar, optimizes energy level, and maintains proper level of proteins.

Taurine – help in building stronger skeletal muscles while preventing the sudden drop in natural nutrient level during intense activities. Studies showed that optimum muscle performance is correlated with normal level of taurine in the body.

Magnum’s “Perpetuating Pump Complex” has a good blend of 5 sources of arginine, L-Glycine, red wine extract and grape seed extract. Research data suggests that wine and grapes can have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, which may also help in muscle restoration.

“Serum Hyper-Exertion Mix” is basically where you get all of your energy and mental focus from.  Because there is a proprietary blend, it is difficult to determine the exact amount of caffeine, however it is stronger than other supplements like C4 extreme, but not as strong as others like 1 MR or Jack3d.

The other interesting aspect of this supplement is the “Insulin Support Matrix” that is found here.  You don’t typically find insulin support in pre workout supplements, but by adding it here, it does add another level to this supplement.

Are there any side effects of using Magnum Nutraceuticals Serum?

Magnum Nutraceuticals Serum is generally safe so long as you follow the recommended serving sizes and drink plenty of water.  Like all other supplements of this kind, if you are sensitive to stimulants than you may feel the common side-effects associated with caffeine such as dizziness, raised heart rate, upset stomach, headaches, and diarrhea.

Customer Reviews

People who like this product follow healthy regimens and used Serum as a tool, not a crutch. Positive results where experienced by those who exercise regularly, take healthy foods and restrict intake of fatty foods. Some report experiencing moderate pumps during intense workouts. The taste gets satisfactory reviews as well. The nutritional content of the supplement is probably the most notable aspect of positive reviews. 

Any Drawbacks?

My issues with this supplement is that they did not include Glutamine and they did not disclose the exact amounts of each ingredient making it a guessing game as to what your exactly getting per serving. These are some minor issues considering everything else you get here.


From what I can tell, this is a good pre workout supplement with loads of endurance and muscle building ingredients for the money and at about $40 for 40 servings, that makes this product a great value and worth trying out.  The taste isn’t as good as some others, but it’s not bad either.  You must consider all the things Serum provides and use it for the entire 40 servings before making a judgment call on it.