Lose Weight with Thermogenic Fat Burners

What Are Thermogenic Fat Burners?

Thermogenic fat burners are popular dietary supplements used to lower body fat by stimulating the metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate burns more calories and reduces body fat more efficiently. Experts believe that one of the best ways to lose weight is by decreasing the number of calories that you consume each day and increasing your caloric output. If you have a hard time balancing your caloric intake with your caloric output, thermogenic fat burners can help you boost your metabolism. Strength exercises are very beneficial as well.

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In fact, if you combine thermogenic fat burners with cardio and strength training you will see even better and faster results. This simple combination can help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight faster than you can imagine. There are, of course, many more benefits to working out, such as increased metabolism, higher bone density, injury prevention, better performance in sports, etc. Over a decade has passed since thermogenic fat burners were first introduced on the market and they still continue to sell like hot cakes. Studies show that they effectively increase metabolism, body temperature, and suppress your appetite.

How Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Work?

Thermogenic is a word used to describe an increase in body temperature. Thermogenic fat burners work by increasing the temperature of your body. This means that they cause your blood vessels to dilate so that your body can produce more heat. As your body goes through this process, it also burns extra fat and calories. Because thermogenic fat burners are so efficient, most users don’t even notice the increase in body temperature. In order to lose weight, you need to get rid of white adipose tissue, or “bad” fat. This type of fat is the hardest to burn.

Thermogenic fat burners make use of several key ingredients to increase your metabolism. The most common ingredients included in this type of fat burners are nervous system stimulants. Nervous system stimulants include green tea or caffeine and have been proven to boost metabolism. Many thermogenic fat burners also include ingredients that help you increase muscle mass. Basically, The more muscle mass you have, the more body fat you can burn. It’s that simple. These supplements make you look thinner and feel better about yourself. There is a reason, after all, for their popularity.

What Are The Benefits of Thermogenic Fat Burners?

The most important advantage to using thermogenic fat burners is that they enhance your fat burning capacity. Because it comes with so many powerful ingredients, it can easily help you decrease body fat by allowing you to burn more calories. You can lose one pound of body fat per week by burning 500 extra calories per day! Thermogenic fat burners produce results that can last for a long time, unlike other supplements. Some supplements promise to help you lose weight by helping you lose water – I’m sure you can imagine that these are not very effective in the long run.

The green tea included in thermogenic fat burners has many benefits. The most notable ones include treating sclerosis, preventing certain types of cancer, increased fat oxidation and raised metabolism, reduced risk of heart attacks, better immune system, and even preventing tooth decay as some researchers believe. Of course, if you are looking for one of these benefits in particular, it would be wiser to drink green tea regularly than to use thermogenic fat burners. If you are looking to burn fat these supplements can certainly help you get there.

What is The Best Way to Use Thermogenic Fat Burners?

Thermogenic fat burners should only be used for losing weight and increasing energy levels. If you’ve never taking these supplements before it is always best to follow the label instructions and start by taking the lowest amount possible to assess your tolerance level.

If your goal is to lose excess fat then following a strict diet and exercise plan is recommended. Eating a healthy diet consisting of good carbs, such as sweet potato and whole wheat pasta, lots of veggies, and low saturated fat protein sources such as fish, chicken, and lean red meats are the best way to enhance the effects of these powerful supplements. One other key factor to not only responsible use but also effective weight loss is to drink plenty of water each day. ½ gallon to 1 gallon of water each day is the best amount.

What are some common side-effects?

Over time, fat burners can begin to lose their effectiveness so it’s recommended to take short breaks every four weeks or so after you’ve finished the 1-2 bottles so your body can have time to rest and your tolerance can readjust.

I do not recommend taking more than 3 bottles of thermogenic fat burners without a 2-4 week break because not only will they be less effective due to high tolerance levels, but you need to allow time for your adrenal glands to recuperate. The stimulants actually stimulate your adrenal glands to pump out adrenaline giving your energy over prolonged periods of time. While this is fine over the course of 1-2 months, prolonged use may cause damage to these organs.

If you are not familiar with taking these supplements and you take a large amount say 250mg of caffeine or more, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, dehydration, heartburn and/or acid reflux. To avoid these symptoms start with the minimum amount, eat healthy meals and drink at least 8-12 glasses of water per day.


Thermogenic fat burners are popular supplements that increase your metabolic rate, give you endless amounts of energy, and help you shed extra weight. They work best when combined with cardio exercises, and a well-balanced diet, but you can also use them without engaging in physical exercises. If you follow to label instructions and combine them with a healthy low fat diet, you see and feel the real power behind one of the most popular fitness supplements in the world. There have been dozens of clinical studies that support the effectiveness of these supplements and they are one of the few supplements on the market that actually provide long lasting results.