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Ironmaster Super Bench Review – Total Fitness Quest

Ironmaster Super Bench Review

The Ironmaster Super Bench is sleek and a one-stop shop for all your workout requirements at home. This one-of-a kind workout bench has a unique patented design with lots of options for body workouts.

The bench is heavy-duty, and you can throw some serious weight around it. Moreover, with an adjustable and removable set, 11 positions and a range of optional attachments, the Ironmaster is a solid bench for anyone interested in inclines.

In this review, I will go through the features of the bench and highlight its pros and cons.

Features of the Ironmaster Super Bench

  1. Design Features

ironmaster super bench reviewWhether you have used a workout bench before in the gym or at home, you are likely to have used a standard design one. What I mean is that the bench may have had separate seat and back support positions, perhaps with a range of back support positions. The Ironmaster Super Bench has all these features.

However, the bench accomplishes this through a unique design and a wider range of positions. With the Super Bench, you have 11 adjustable positions to choose from.

The seat is removable and its position can be adjusted to get the most out of any workout you are doing. If you want to use the bench in flat position, you can remove the seat.

Coming to angle support, a simple lock pin that is easily removable is attached to the central support section. When the pin is removed, the padded back support can be rotated through to any position you want before locking it back into place.

Compared to other benches, the Ironmaster Super Bench has extra length in the main back support section. However, the 44” length does not mean you will be uncomfortable using the bench if you are not tall.

  1. Heavy Duty Frame

One of the primary design features that sets the Ironmaster Super Bench apart from its competitors is the unique adjustment design. Apart from this, the bench is stronger than majority of similar-priced benches (check price) in the market.

The bench has a 1000lbs weight rating, which is enough to support a wide range for exercises. Whether you want to engage in incline presses in a power cage or Smith machine or dumbbell raises, the bench can handle them all.

The strength of the frames is beneficial as it makes the bench durable. But more than this, the strength increases the stability of the bench. Each corner of the bench has rubber feet to prevent the equipment from moving on the floor. The wide and low frame also helps to improve stability when you are working out.

While the Ironmaster is strong from the heavy duty steel frames it’s made of, it is surprisingly light. The bench only weighs 60lbs and therefore is easy to move around even without having to use transport wheels.

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  1. Bench Angles

The Ironmaster Super Bench is one of the most versatile weight benches available in the market. The bench comes with 11 different angles to choose from (0°, 5°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, and 85°). You can even use the bench for decline if you buy the necessary attachment.

ironmaster super bench fidOne of the unique features of the adjustable bench is the way it adjusts to different angles. The bench uses a foot lever to change the angles and hence it is easier to change position without bending down. You won’t have to fiddle to pop out pins!

The bench’s removable seat has three different heights that you can use. You only need to slide the seat to set it into the position you want. The seat also follows the back support at an angle and hence is always perpendicular to the back. This ensures you cannot slide off the machine when using the incline.

  1. Bench Materials

The Ironmaster Super Bench is made from high quality materials that guarantee it will last. The frame made out of solid 11 and 12-gauge super strong steel with chrome additions. The frame s are coated with powder to prevent scratches and rust.

The cushions for the seat and backrest have heavy duty padding with stitched vinyl. The seats are long lasting and also make workouts comfortable.

  1. Stability

One of the major highlights of the Ironmaster is its stability. The bench has four feet covered in rubber that limit wobbling and keep it in place when you are exercising. Stability is an important factor to consider when choosing a weight bench and Ironmaster handles the issue well.

  1. Curved Adjustable System

Before you buy the Ironmaster Super Weight Bench, you should take a look at its solid design. The bench does not look the standard design which has an adjustable bar to modify the position of the bench.

With the Ironmaster, there is a curved system that locks into place when you have selected the height you desire. This feature makes the already aesthetically pleasing bench look modern. However, if you prefer a bench that looks traditional, then the Ironmaster Super Bench may not be for you.

  1. Versatility

You can buy a variety of other attachments for the bench to accomplish even more exercises. While some other benches provide a great workplace to exercise on the chest, with the Iron master, you can work out nearly all parts of the body. The product is great for use either at home or in a fitness club.

  1. Dimensions

One of the things that sets the Ironmaster Super Bench apart from its competitors is that is has one long backrest with a separate seat attachment. The backrest is 3” thick and measures 44”x10”. In total, the bench measures 44”x10.25”x 21”.The height of the seat from the floor can be 12”, 14” or 16” depending on your height. When at the highest position, the backrest pad measures 31” from the seat to the top.

The weight capacity for the bench is a massive 1000lbs while its weight is only 60lbs.

  1. Attachment Options

The bench comes with an attachable seat. Apart from it, there are other attachments that can be added to extend the range of possible exercises. These attachments are however sold separately.

The attachments can slide into one of the 3 slots underneath the bench, just like is the case with the seat. You can also attach some of the attachments at a slot that is on the top of the bench. It is easy to slide and lock the attachments securely into place in any of the slots you prefer.

Below is a list of some of the top attachments you can buy to extend your workout options on the Ironmaster Super Bench:

i) Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl Attachment

Even when combined with a simple dumbbell set, the Ironmaster Super Bench offers a wide variety of exercises. However, the lower body exercise options are still relatively few. This is usually the case with most weight benches.

To counter this, there is the leg developer attachment. The attachment can be used for two of the most isolation exercises for legs i.e. lying leg curls (targets hamstrings) and leg extensions (targets quadriceps).

ii) Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment

When you set the Ironmaster Super Bench to its most upright position, you can perform effective back building exercises using the chin up attachment. The attachment provides a variety of grip positions.

iii) Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment

Majority of adjustable weight benches require quite a thick supporting bar to lock in at different positions. However, with the Ironmaster, it is possible to do dips if you have the Dip Handle attachment despite the slim profile of the back support frame.

iv) Ironmaster Crunch Sit up Attachment

If you want to include crunches and sit-ups in your abs workouts, this is an excellent attachment to have. The attachment features two foam rollers you can use to keep your lower body firmly in position. There is also a handle which you can use to easily get in and out of position.

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Iron Master Super Bench Customer Reviews

Majority of customers on Amazon give the Ironmaster Super Bench a 4 or 5 star review and rightly so (check reviews). The bench is solid, allows for a wide variety of workouts and is very affordable. Below is a summary of the pros and cons of the bench.

Pros of the Ironmaster Super Bench

  • Versatile bench that allows for many exercises through its set of attachments
  • Made from solid commercial grade steel and hence is very durable
  • Large weight capacity of 1000lbs, which is great for heavy workouts.
  • 11 backrest positions and 3 seat positions for complete body workout exercises
  • Easy to assemble since it comes pre-assembled
  • Comes with 10 years warranty, which is longer than of most benches in the market
  • Sturdy and comfortable to use
  • Easy to adjust the bench positions using the foot lever
  • Light in weight (60lbs) for its large weight rating of 1000lbs

Cons of the Ironmaster Super Bench

  • The bench does not come with any attachments. You have to buy the attachments separately.
  • The seat angle can’t be adjusted. You can only adjust the height
  • If you own a number of attachments and are using all of them during workouts, you will have to keep disrupting our exercises when you need to change them or adjust the bench’s angle.
  • Has no transport wheels for moving it. However, since the bench is light (60lbs,) the wheels are not really necessary.

Assembly and Installation

Majority of the Ironmaster bench comes pre-assembled. You will only need to attach the feet to get the bench ready for use. Your shipment will come with a comprehensive instruction set and hence setting up the bench will be fairly easy. It will only take you a couple of minutes to finish attaching the feet.


The Ironmaster Super Bench comes with a limited warranty of 10 years for the frame and one year for the upholstery. The warranty covers repair or replacement of the bench for mechanic integrity issues encountered during home use only.

Finish and wear items like painted surfaces and rubbers are not covered by the warranty.

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Iron Master Weight Bench Review Summary

The Ironmaster Super Bench looks distinctively different in design from the standard benches available in commercial gyms. However, this different in design enables a wide range of exercises to be done. Moreover, you can purchase various attachments for the bench to increase your workout options.

The bench has 11 lockout angles that provide more than just the standard flat and incline options. The different angles allow you to really isolate and work out a particular muscle. If the standard 45° angle is putting too much stress on your body, you can reduce it to 30° or even 20°, depending on where you will feel comfortable.

One of the things that could have been added is a set of transport wheels to make sliding the bench under a Smith machine or squat rack easier. However, since the bench only weighs 60lbs, the lack of transport wheels is not a huge problem if you want to move it around.

Finally, the bench comes mostly pre-assembled except for the feet. You will only need a few minutes to assemble the feet and start using the bench.

I have been using the Ironmaster for the past 4 years and I can attest it is one of the best benches in the market. Buying the bench is one of the best decisions I made for my workout regime. I highly recommend the Ironmaster if you want a sturdy bench that can handle excess weight. When you have the bench, you will not need to buy a new bench in many years.

Check the current price of the Ironmaster on Amazon.

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  • Exercise Options
  • Bench Angles
  • Durability
  • Price


The bench has 11 lockout angles that provide more than just the standard flat and incline options. The different angles allow you to really isolate and work out a particular muscle. Read my review.