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HyperWear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex Weighted Vest Review – Total Fitness Quest

HyperWear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex Weighted Vest Review

One of the best ways of challenging your body to go past the workload it’s used to is by adding a weighted vest. You can build more muscle and tone them faster by using the best weighted vest.

In this review, we look at the HyperWear Hyper Vest Pro. The vest is perfect for exercises that require full body movement such as CrossFit. You will be able to engage in various full body workouts without any interference by the vest.

HyperWear Hype Vest PRO Weighted Vest for Men and Women

Generally, strength training vests are designed to increase the impact of your daily workout routine. You will feel more resistance in the workouts you are doing while wearing the vests. Normal workouts become harder when you do them while wearing a weighted vest. This is what Hyper Vest Pro does.

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Most weighted vests have multiple adjustable pockets for carrying weights. You can adjust the pockets to accommodate the weights you would like as you progress with your strength training over time.

Thus, if you usually don’t have time to hit the gym, having the HyperWear Weighted Vest as part of your workouts arsenal is beneficial. The vest will allow you to engage in intense workout from home at your convenience.

Hyper Vest Features and Design

HyperWear weighted vest stands out from the crowd starting with the material it’s made from. The material is a stretchy, compression type that is breathable and odor-resistant. Men’s Health picked the clothing as one of the best weight vests in the market.

Below is an overview of the features and design of the vest.

The weights of the weighted clothing are ¼ inches thick. When worn, the vest hugs the chest in a horizontal plane, allowing you to breathe normally while keeping the weights in place. This is important especially if you will be wearing the vest while undertaking exercises that require a lot of mobility such as plyometrics, running or multi-plane exercises. The way the vest is designed makes it difficult to know if someone has worn it while working out.

Summary of Features

Other features of the Hype Vest PRO include:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Less bulky and looks great
  • Made of high quality materials based on patented fabric and design
  • Has side ventilations that make it breathable
  • The fabric used to make the vest is comfortable and odor-resistant
  • Has side lacing for a comfortable fit
  • Can be worn by both men and women

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The company behind HyperWear Vest Pro has some vest size recommendations for different athletes. The recommended sizes are:

  • Small vests- Recommended for 90-130lbs or 5’ – 5’4” athletes
  • Medium vests- Recommended for 130-170lbs or up to 5’ 8” tall athletes
  • Large vests – Recommended for 170-210lbs or up to 6’ 4” athletes
  • XL vests- Recommended for 210lbs or greater or very tall athletes

Consider your weight capacity and size of your chest to determine the best strength training vest for you.

Weight Capacity

The HyperWear Vest is sold together with 10lbs of weight. If you would like additional weights, there’s a 5lbs set known as booster packs.

Since the vest is available in difference sizes, it’s important to know the maximum weight capacity of the size you would like to buy. Below are the weight limits of the various vest sizes:

  • Small (Up to 22lbs)
  • Medium (Up to 24lbs)
  • Large (Up to 34lbs)
  • XL (Up to 48lbs)
  • XXL (Up to 64lbs)

Why We Recommend the Weighted Vest

The HyperWear strength training vest is one of the best weighted vests in the market. To begin, the vest is made from high-quality fabric in a patented design. The quality of the vest is comparable to the V-Force weighted vest, but the HyperWear is less bulky.

The vest has straps or lacings on the sides that make it easily snug on your body in preparation of intense workouts. Therefore, no matter how fast you exercise or run, it will stay intact on your body without jiggling up and down or sideways.

A good strength training vest should allow you to adjust the weights to a level that is right for you. The vest can hold considerable weights. It is sold with a set of high-density 10lbs steel weights. You can put the weights in the pockets before your workouts to increase exercise resistance.

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You can add up to 10lbs on your HyperWear Vest. If you would like to add as much as 40lbs, check out the HumanX vest.

To ensure the best results, the vest allows you to put weights either horizontally or vertically. You can add the weights in increments of 2.5lbs. This makes weighted clothing friendly to beginner as well as seasoned athletes who do not want to wear a cumbersome and heavier vest.

Another benefit of the vest is the sweat proof materials. When working out, you are likely to sweat. The last thing you want is your vest getting the sweat odor. With this vest, you will not have to worry about odor getting absorbed on it.

The vest has straps on the side that make it breathable. This is another reason why it is ranked in the top rated weighted vests in the market. If you engage in fast-paced training like CrossFit or other vigorous exercise, you will find the vest comfortable to wear.

Finally, the vest is unisex. You can purchase one vest and share it with your spouse if both of you want to add resistance to your workouts.

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  • The vest is breathable thanks to the side lacing
  • Slim and does not appear bulky
  • Flexible i.e. its weight can be increased or reduced, depending on your needs
  • Made of high quality material that is stretchable. The front area has a zipper that makes the vest fit comfortably
  • Snugly fits to avoid unnecessary movements during workouts
  • Can be washed in a clothes washing machine
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be used by both men and women


  • Over time, the weight pockets get worn off.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are happy with the HyperWear Vest because it is sweat proof. You will not have the problem of sweat dripping all over your back or stomach when working out while wearing the vest.

Moreover, the small weight increments are also beneficial. You can stack as many weights as you can into the vest’s pocket. Finally, the way the vest fits snugly has also been praised by customers.

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Our Verdict

There are different strength training vests in the market. However, very few come close to the HyperWear Weighted Vest in terms of quality, features and design. This weighted clothing guarantees you an enjoyable and efficient workout session without suffering the discomfort brought about by sweating.

The side lacing and the front zipper make the vest a great fit for any person. If you are looking for a high utility strength training vest that has great design and is less bulky, we highly recommend the this weighted vest.

The vest is available for sale at the following outlets:

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