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How To Get Ripped Fast The Right Way – Total Fitness Quest

How To Get Ripped Fast The Right Way

If you want to learn how to get ripped fast and stay that way then the first thing you should do is overload the muscles when you work out. Training hard is very important. The second is to put yourself on a calorie-deprived diet to lose body fat. Together, you can cut unwanted fat and simultaneously gain muscle but, you must be mentally tough and continue to train heavily to preserve-and even build-muscle mass. And, as I’ve discussed several times already, back up heavy training by eating high-quality protein supplements on a consistent basis.

One of the main factors to getting ripped is to be able to lose body fat while adding muscle. To do this you need to keep your daily caloric intake below your maintenance level. The industry standard has always been to reduce your daily calories by 500. So if where to maintain your weight at 3000 calories per day, reduce your calories by 500 to 2500. Of course your weight and basal metabolic rate (also known as your BMR) have everything to do with your target rate so look up some more detailed info by doing a search online or clicking here.

Since you will be working out hard, you need to eat a high protein, high carb diet with most of your carbs coming from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Try to eat at least 5-6 meals per day with protein in each meal. Don’t eat any saturated fats and drink a half a gallon of water per day. Of course you’ll be lifting weights and a lot of them. Make sure your routine is tight and is a struggle to finish, this way you can force your muscles to grow. This is the least you can do to get ripped.

All this is still not enough…

Now this is just a simple base plan to start from but getting truly ripped takes a lot more than just that. I didn’t even get into weight training, cardio, and other factors like how to break through plateaus, and supplementation. I am definitely not a fitness guru, but I do know one who has put together a system that has answered it all in great significant detail…

The “Muscle Gaining Secrets” Guide to Getting Ripped


The best workout plan for hard core training is the Muscle Gaining Secrets total workout plan. This is not a basic guide about beginner training, but rather a comprehensive beginning to end A-Z guide that is intended for serious athletes that push their bodies hard and are looking for something that is going to dramatically increase your strength, size, and endurance, while also helping you recover during your down time. This guide is not as hyped up as some of the others wannabe e-books on the market, but trust me, it covers all the essentials for quick, long-lasting gains that will impress even the most seasoned bodybuilder.

Many people who are in great shape learn how to get ripped fast do so by first and foremost, committing to a long-term plan that is designed to help you get in the best shape of your life. Your mental focus is everything because it’s what you tell yourself and how you react to the information that will determine if you will get ripped or even in shape. After you feel you got the mental advantage, take action and stay consistent. You do need supplements, but this guide has got that covered as well. Vitamins, Fish Oil, Protein, as well as a healthy diet filled with proteins, greens and healthy carbs. If you’re a couch potato or a wannabe then don’t bother because this essential guide is only intended for serious athletes that know the basics about bodybuilding, but are looking for more.


The “Muscle Gaining Secrets” bodybuilding plan covers:

  • How to break through any frustrating, muscle building plateau
  • The 7 Critical Anabolic Factors that absolutely MUST be covered if you ever want to see an ounce of muscle growth!
  • Unlock the top 10 tricks the pro’s use to recover faster between workouts
  • How to unleash an endless supply of your body’s own natural, anabolic hormones that will drench your muscles in growth fuel, 24 hours a day!
  • The underground secret to developing bullish, brute strength and power
  • Steal the #1 best kept secret of elite Olympic strength coaches…
  • The cardinal sin that ALL skinny guys commit and must stop doing immediately!
  • How to develop relentless motivation and unstoppable self-confidence!
  • Meal plans, workout plans, and much more…

If this sounds like something you could benefit from then you’ve got to get the Muscle Gaining Secrets Guide and take your bodybuilding to the next level. Your gains will be significant and noticed by everyone. You will no longer just “wing it” in the gym. You’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it, plus, you’ll always stay on the cutting edge of all the latest bodybuilding news and techniques before anyone else! Grab this guide and transform your body! Join me and hundreds of others and unlock your body’s true potential!