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CROSS101 40Lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest (Camouflage) – Total Fitness Quest

CROSS101 40Lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest (Camouflage)


The Cross 101 is one of the best cheap weighted vests in the market. The vest is available in different weight models, is sturdy, has a lot of room on the shoulders and can be used for various workouts.

Features of the Cross 101 Weighted Vest

  • Available in various models (from 12lbs to 40lbs)
  • Great for CrossFit workouts
  • Secures easily with its Velcro strap
  • Ten 4lbs weight increments
  • Plenty of shoulder room

The Cross101 Adjustable Weighted Vest is available at Amazon for : (check price).

The Cross101 weighted vest makes it in the list of the best weighted vests for CrossFit as well as high intense workouts. You can use the vest to add resistance to various strength building exercises such pull-ups, long walks, squat jumps, and chin-ups.

The weighted vest is cheap, durable, fits snugly and functional. This explains why it is among the bestsellers on Amazon.

The 40lbs adjustable weight vest can be used by both beginner and intermediate athletes. You can add more weights to the vest depending on the resistance you would like. If you are bulky athlete and would like a vest with more weight capacity, check the RunFastVest that can carry up to 140lbs.

Features of the Cross 101 Weighted Vest

  • Sold with ten 4lbs iron ore weights
  • The weights are adjustable in increments of 4lbs. Max weight is 40lbs
  • Measures 13” wide and 15” long
  • One size fits all
  • Easy setup thanks to the one piece design and the attached belt
  • Comes with one year manufacturer warranty

The Cross 101 is a short weight vest that comes with ten 4lbs weights that will give you all the resistance you need. You can use the vest to enhance any kind of workouts you are doing.

The vest carries up to 40lbs of weight. However, it is compact and does not slide off the body while you are working out. Moreover, it is made from durable material and is sold with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Cross 101 vest is a one-size-fits all. You can loosen or tighten the straps to make the vest fit well. The neck and shoulder area are fixed and hence you cannot adjust their tightness.

Putting on and removing the vest is easy and comfortable. The weights easily slide into their position and also come out easily. After putting the weights, you can secure them in place with the Velcro strap to ensure they snug against your body. This will reduce the likelihood of them jiggling as you work out. When carrying 40lbs of weight, the vest is quite heavy to get through your head, as expected.

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Enhance Your Workouts With the Cross 101

If ordinary pushups are getting too easy or you would like to take your training to the next level, get the Cross 101 adjustable weighted vest. The one-piece design makes it excellent for various workouts. You can easily add weights as you see fit on the compartments at the back and front.

One thing about the 4.4lbs weights of the Cross 101 weighted vest is that they are mini bags of sand. Thus, when in the vest, they easily conform to your body. Apart from this, you can easily take them out. The pockets have a Velcro cover to ensure the weights don’t pop out during training.

The short size of the vest (13” x 15”) means the bulkiness is kept down during workouts.

TIP: When loading all 40lbs of weight on the vest, do so while lying on the floor. When the weights are in the pockets, roll over to your knees and then stand up. You will get the weights up more easily this way and will also avoid banging your head with them. You can bang your head if you try putting the weights while standing.

Customer Reviews of the Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest

The Cross 101 weighted vest is about half the price of other top rated weighted vests. Going for only $ (check current price), the vest does a great job of providing resistance during training. Majority of customers are happy with the vest, giving it 4 or 5 stars.

One thing we noted is that sometimes the vest can slide down the body while jogging. This can be annoying since there is no padding on the neck and shoulder. Thus, if you are jogging for long periods and the vest keeps sliding down, you may find it uncomfortable.

Overall, we are happy with the quality and performance of the Cross 101 adjustable weighted vest. We feel the vest is best for ambitious beginner trainers as well as intermediates. If you are an absolute beginner in weight training, we recommend you check other versions of the Cross 101 vest i.e. Cross 101 12lbs and Cross101 20 lbs.

Price of Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest

The vest is currently selling for (check price) at Amazon

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