Creatine Ester Ether

What is creatine ester ether?

Creatine ester ether is second only to the popularity of creatine monohydrate; it is also known as CEE, CE2 or ester creatine. An ester is attached to creatine that enables the creatine compound to be absorbed by the muscle cells much easier than its predecessors. This process is known as esterification. Thus, creatine ester ether supplements are designed to be better absorbed, easily used by individual muscle cells and overall it is considered way better to use than creatine monohydrate. Also, it does not have the usual side effects like bloating, gas formation and diarrhea that traditional creatine supplements have.

Dosage amounts are also lower compared to ordinary creatine forms that needs time to load. Overall, this type of creatine is more cost effective and efficient which makes it an excellent source creatine for professional athletes, power trainers, muscle builders and more.

Where do you get creatine ester ether?

As mentioned creatine ester ether is derived from adding an ester to creatine. Creatine on the other hand is naturally found inside the body, in muscle cells and in the skeletal system. You may also get creatine in foods; it is naturally found in foods that are rich in protein like lean meats, red meats, tuna, herring, eggs, dairy products and seafood. But of course, it is impossible to eat that much meat or fish in a day just to compensate on creatine stores; you can easily take creatine ester ether supplements instead.

How do you use creatine ester ether?

Creatine ester ether may either be in tablet, capsule or in powder form. Recommended doses are technically lower compared to regular creatine forms since it is easily absorbed by the muscle cells without to wait for a loading phase.

It is of course recommended to mix creatine powders with milk to get the optimum results as well as to improve your daily protein stores; aside from protein supplements, consider getting more protein from food sources first; this will ensure that you also get other food nutrients that your body needs and not just protein. Creatine ester ether and other creatine sources are not a substitute for natural protein food sources.