Cellucor Super-HD Review

Cellucor Super-HD is a high powered stimulant based fat burning support agent. It was developed after months of research and an extensive testing period by the folks over at Cellucor. This is a thermogenic that enhances your mind and body’s functions. The ingredients contained in the formulation promote powerful energy as well as focus, weight loss and elevated moods.

What are the ingredients?

The active ingredients in the formulation include Rauwolfia, Yohimbe and Amla Fruit, which deliver intense fat incineration. In addition, it contains three inhibitors to FAS (Fatty Acid Synthase). There are Camellia sinensis, Chinese mistletoe and Tuber Fleeceflower extracts. When FAS is inhibited, the body’s ability to store fat is significantly reduced. It is also believed that this inhibition also assists to maintain a healthy appetite, which is important if you are to experience high-def results.

Another active ingredient included in the formulation is Capsimax, which is a highly concentrated capsicum extract. It is believed to increase thermogenesis that is induced by your diet. It also helps to manage an individual’s appetite and supports a healthy body composition. Toothed Clubmoss is another active compound that promotes endurance, focus and mental energy, all of which are important for a healthy workout, and also helps to eliminate mild stress.

A container holds 60 capsules, and one serving consists of 1 capsule. Each serving delivers 10 mg of niacin, 3 mg or Vitamin B6 and 250 mcg of Vitamin B12. It also contains 312 mg of the Super-HD Nootropic and CNS support blend, 253 mg of the Super-HD ThermoSculpting Blend and 15.25 mg of the B vitamin blend. Other ingredients include gelatin, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

What are the benefits of using Super HD?

Cellucor Super HD targets fat cells and helps curb your appetite so you can lose fat quicker without feeling hungry which leads to binging. It also provides a nice steady stream of energy that is beneficial for all aspects of your life so can focus better and get more things done in and out of the weight room. The formulation delivers an improved resistance to strenuous physical exercise. You will also experience a prolonged adrenaline-like response in your body. It also enhances blood flow to your muscles, which means that oxygen is adequately utilized by the body.

What are the side effects?

It may cause a mild feeling of jitters, and you may also develop gas, especially when taking it on an empty stomach in the morning. This could in turn make you hungry too. It could also cause excessive sweating,which could lead to discomfort, especially if you are not working out. It may also cause sleeplessness, especially if you do not participate in physical activities to expend energy.

What did others think about Super HD?

Most of the users indicated that the supplement increased their energy levels significantly, and they also noticed an improvement in their focus. In addition, most of them also experienced a decrease in their appetite, with some reporting that they would feel full faster during meals. Most of those who were using it as their first fat-burning supplement found it suitable, although many of them started out taking a pill a day to allow the body to adjust to its effects. Most users found that they were able to concentrate throughout the day, whether they were working out, in the office or at home.

Significant weight loss was also experienced by most of the users in just a few days, thanks to its effectiveness in increasing the body’s metabolism. The appetite control effect was also noted by many of the users, even those who stated that they were avid snackers. This made the entire weight loss process much easier for them, since they hardly thought about food. Most users also mentioned the fact that compared to other products Super-HD was probably the best in elevating one’s mood throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

Cellucor Super-HD does an exceptional job in providing strong weight loss support and nice clean energy. The people at Cellucor have always been a leader in providing cutting edge fitness supplements and Super HD is no exception. Nowadays with all of the great strides that fat burners have taken throughout the years, we needed something that is more than just high amounts of caffeine. We needed something that can keep us away from the foods that have always gotten us in trouble and to where we are now. We needed a fat burning supplement that will keep us focused throughout the day. We need a supplement that would not pump us up full of stimulants and then send us crashing down a cliff. Now finally we have it. Cellucor Super HD is just what we have all been wanting out of a fat burner. Super HD is around $40 for 60 capsules s the price is about the same as other comparable supplements which makes it one of the more affordable supplements out of the Cellucor lineup which should put a nice big smile on your face.