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Cellucor Review – Total Fitness Quest

Cellucor Review

Cellucor is a new supplement company which emphasizes it’s “advanced pre cursor technology” which helps stimulate the body to burn fat, build muscle, recover, and various other major functions to assist the athlete is their quest for betterment.

Cellucor as a company has done a lot to boost their product awareness such as enter the MMA world and sponsor various fighters as well as fitness competitors and personal trainers. So far, they’re doing things right. It’s seems as though their company has virtually exploded on to the health and fitness scene by jumping in head first.

Cellucor has several products that they have come out with recently but being that you expect nothing but the best from nitros, we’re going to cut right to the chase and focus in on the best products that deliver results.

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The cellucor Extreme Weight Loss System is the ultimate supplement package for anyone who wants to get ripped in record time. I’ve had the opportunity to use this system and after only 4 days I’ve lost 1 inch off my waistline – I shit you not. This package is an insane TRIPLE STACK of D4 Thermal Shock – A serious thermogenic, T7 Extreme – Stimulant-free fat incinerator, and WSI Extreme – A unique product that up-roots stubborn fat and converts it to energy. The triple threat weight loss system has given me plenty of energy, increased focus and a renewed appreciation for innovative supplements. Bottom-Line ==> This system will kick your ass into shape – period!

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The Cellucor muscle growth system is a very unique and powerful supplementation stack that includes another triple stack of P6 Extreme – A lean mass and testosterone supplement, NO Extreme – An insane pre workout supplement that won’t leave you bloated, and finally R3 Extreme – A vital recovery supplement for muscle repair and rebuilding. Together, this stack has been the talk of the town and has really impressed many fellow weight lifters who are serious about packing on lean muscle mass in record time.

This tri-fecta stack is everything you need to get the body you want. You’re probably skeptical and I don’t blame you one bit. There is a lot of BS out there, I know. Read the reviews of other people who are taking it and see for yourself then decide to get it.

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I had the pleasure of being a beta tester for Cellucor c4 Extreme and was so psyched to write up my review for it. Here comes another great supplement from the guys who know how to make the best in the business. Check out my review for all the latest details…