Cellucor C4 Extreme Review

When I was asked to be part of the beta testing I was excited to jump at the opportunity to try this new and improved pre workout blend from Cellucor. I read how the new N03 nitrate compound that is bound with creatine in order to create creatine nitrate, the newest form of creatine which is sure to be the next step in the evolution of creatine and the compound that every other supplement company wished that they had first.
“According to a UCLA study, creatine nitrate is 1000x more water soluble than either creatine monohydrate or other creatine derivatives”- cellucor.com

My first impressions of C4 Extreme; the new pre workout supplement from Cellucor, is that the folks down at Cellucor Corp wanted in on the $25 pre workout supplement line up because they obviously have been listening to the thousands of strapped people out there who can’t afford to pay a lot money for expensive supplements in today’s economy. So the team at Cellucor had to hit the drawing board and come up with a hot new advanced pre workout product that bodybuilders and serious fitness enthusiast can buy at an affordable price.

So anyway, when I got the canister I had already worked out for the day plus it was a Wednesday so I had to wait until Monday so I could start my workout routine for the week from the beginning starting with chest, shoulders, and tries. Monday came rolling around and I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and ripped open the canister of C4 Extreme.

My Experience with C4 Extreme

Let me tell you that from the moment I opened it up, mixed it, and drank it down that I was hooked. The consistency of C4 Extreme is a red ultra-powdery mix that easily dissolves in water with a quick 15 second mix up with a spoon. The taste is unbelievably good! Taste almost exactly like Gatorade fruit punch if you mix 1 scoop per 5-6 ounces of water!

You start to feel the energy in about 20 minutes and last for several hours without leaving you crashing later. At first you get a tingling sensation and then you just get super pumped to workout. I take 1 scoop on days where I do lighter weight and/or cardio and 2 scoops when I go heavy and need more explosive power.

When I first started taking C4 Extreme I had taken like 6 weeks off of working out and in those 6 weeks there was Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and sports games so my diet was severely lacking as well.

I started out benching 275lbs. for barely 3 reps. and squatting 225lbs. for 5. Now, 2 weeks later, I’m benching 275lbs. for 9 reps UNASSISTED and squatting 345lbs. for 8! Mind you I do workout regularly but I was out of shape big time and after taking this now for 2 1/2 weeks I have definitely gained a little bit of size and a lot of strength.

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So, any negatives?

The first critique that I hear about this product is that “I can’t feel it.” or “It’s not strong enough…” etc… Basically, this nitric oxide supplement is not as strong as some of the others like Hemo Rage, or Assault…

This is a true statement, but this like other Cellucor products, do not go overboard with the “energy” factor because this supplement is a muscle builder more than it is an over exaggerated energy supplement. I feel the energy is perfect. It’s a clean energy that gets me pumped up and focused on completing a full workout.

It all depends on your tolerance to caffeine. If you “can’t feel it…” then it’s because you need to take a break from all caffeine for 2-3 weeks. After that, then try c4 extreme and tell me you can’t feel it. LoL. It will be a different story altogether!

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Cellucor C4 Extreme – The Bottom Line…

To be able to get a premier pre workout supplement from Cellucor for only $29 is an absolute no-brainer. Other Cellucor pre workout supplements like N0 Extreme and M5 Extreme cost between $50-$60 but C4 Extreme is priced at more than half that! Plus, if you’ve ever shied away from Cellucor products because of the price, then here is your opportunity to experience a well-made muscle builder that is tough in the gym but easy on your wallet. The thing to keep in mind with a product like this is that you need to give it its due time to work. It takes time to build muscle, even when you’re armed with C4 so give yourself some time if you’re just starting out on it.

QUICK TIP – When I was using C4 Extreme, the first week was a good week as far as how the energy felt, but weeks 2-4 were the weeks that I really began to get strong. Getting strong and fit is all about the journey and not the destination so give yourself time to grow to reap the full rewards of this product.