Buyer’s Guide for Best Weighted Vest for Core Strength Training

If you want to increase the intensity of your fitness training, you should look for the best weighted vest in the market. Weighted vests are inexpensive and come in various shapes and sizes. The designs will also impress you, with some looking like army gear and life jackets.

Weighted vests are great if you want to do squats and lunges at home. In this review, we go through the top rated weighted vests for CrossFit, running and other exercises.

Top Rated Workout Vest – Comparison Table

[wps_table style=”stripped”]
Product Color Weight Review
Everlast Weighted Vest Black 10 lbs. and 20 lbs. Read Review
ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest Black 80 lbs,, 100 lbs., and 120lbs. Read Review
Tone Fitness Weighted Vest Blue and Black 12 lbs. Read Review
MIR Plate Weight Vest Black Can hold up to 40 lbs. Weight plates are not sold with the vest Read Review
SKLZ Weighted Vest Gray 10 lbs. total (20 0.5 lbs. weights) Read Review

Box Super Short Weight Vest

Black 20 pounds of cast iron weight in 2.5 lb. increments included Read Review
Hyper Vest Pro Grey 10 lbs. of high-density steel weights with capacity for more Read Review
cap barbell adjustable weighted vestCAP Barbell Adjustable Weight Vest Black Up to 80 lbs. Read Review

HumanX Weighted Vest
Military/Black 20 lbs. weight vest adjustable in 1 lb. increments 1 through 20 lbs.  Read Review
V-Force Weight Vest Universal camouflage, woodland, marshall, coyote tan Up to 45 lbs. Read Review

Cross101 Weight Vest
Camouflage, Multicolor 20 lbs. to 80 lbs. Read Review

Best Weighted Vest for Core Strength Training (Top 10)


#1. Everlast Weighted Vest

everlast weighted vestThis workout vest features a simple design but has many features. The Everlast Weighted vest comes in multiple weights and is a one-size-fits-all. Notable features of the vest include:

  • Great for walking or running
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 10lb or 20lb option
  • Has adjustable straps

The adjustable straps of the vest make it comfortable and fitting regardless of your size. As your chest expands, you will simply need to adjust the strap to continue using the workout vest rather than purchase a new one.

Available in two options (10lbs and 20lbs), the Everlast Weight vest caters for athletes looking for optimal weight training accessories. The vest has textured panels underneath to prevent the weights from sliding off of your body by limiting their movements as you are training.

Available for only $$ on Amazon, the Everlast Weight vest is one of the best affordable weighted vests from a trusted brand.


#2. ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest

zfo sports weight vestWe found this gem hidden in the Amazon bestselling weighted vests and highly recommend it for its features, which include:

  • Allows increase or decrease of weight in increments of 2.5lbs
  • Total weight can be adjusted
  • 50lbs maximum weight
  • Great for large torsos
  • One size fits all

Buying the ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted vest provides value for money given that it comes with 50lbs weight and allows adjusting of the weights. However, keep in mind that this is a full torso weighted vest. Therefore, if you have a shorter torso, it may not be ideal for your workouts.

The ZFOsports Weighted vest is quite mobile and does not interfere with your body movements during workouts. We find the vest ideal for workouts that do not require any fast agile movements. The vest is also a bit bulky. Therefore, it’s best for increasing resistance to exercises such as stair climbing, box hops, squats or lunges.

The ZFOsports vest looks like a bulletproof vest and is inexpensive, at only $$. Wearing the vest made us feel like we are wearing bulletproof vest and ready to join the SWAT team!


#3. Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

tone fitness weighted vestOne of the problems people who are shorter than average height or have a shorter torso have is finding a weighted vest that will fit their body type. If you are among these people, the Tone Fitness weighted vest will be ideal for you. The vest’s maximum weight of 12lbs means it’s not bulky or large. The vest provides adequate mobility while challenging you with the exercises.

Features of the vest include:

  • Has a reflective tape on it
  • Manufactured from soft neoprene
  • Has a pocket for phone or MP3 player
  • 12lbs weights included
  • One size fits all

As you engage in your workouts with increased resistance, you can listen to music on your MP3 player or phone inside the Tone Fitness Weighted vest pocket. The neoprene fabric used to make the vest is breathable and the vest design allows maximum mobility. We found the vest perfect for exercises such as walking and running. If you go running on early morning or late nights, the vest has reflective strips to keep you noticed when it’s dark.

The Tone Fitness Weighted vest allows you to easily move your upper body. The vest is one-size-fits-all and unisex. However, if you have a larger torso, you may find it fitting too tightly.

Overall, we feel this vest is a good for anyone just getting started with weighted vest training. Its comfort and quality keep it on the list of the best weighted vests available. You can buy the vest at Amazon for $$.


#4. MIR Plate Weight Vest

mir short weighted vest

The MIR is styled like football gear. The vest is meant for people looking to improve their upper body strength while undertaking general workout regimens. If you need an intensive workout on certain parts of your body or cardio, this is the right vest for you.

This is a short style workout vest that is secure and can hold up to 60lbs. Some of the vest’s features include:

  • Keeps the lower torso free
  • Allows 3lbs weight increments
  • Has a Velcro strap belt
  • Can hold a maximum of 40lbs
  • 1200 D-Nylon flaps for plate covering

The MIR Plate Weight vest has nylon flaps that completely cover the weight plates. The vest also features secure Velcro straps that keep it from sliding around while you are working out. You will find the vest convenient for medium workouts.

While crucial, the front “plate” of the body is accidentally ignored by most people. The cross strap of the MIR vest that keeps the plate secure ensures the vest stays in place during intense workouts. The Velcro belt and D-Nylon straps also make the weight plates comfortable and safe.

The only downside we see with this vest is that it’s short. However, the shortness is compensated by the secure build and ability to hold up to 60lbs, instead of 40lbs like most strength training vests.

If you are serious about CrossFit, high school football, sprint time training and resistance training, the MIR weight vest is for you. The vest is compact, allows you to add weight and supports agile movements. The vest is available at Amazon at $$.


#5. SKLZ Weighted Vest

sklz weighted vestThe SKLS Weighted vest comes in a unique design inspired by a traditional vest and combined with some modern design for comfort. The features of the vest include:

  • Reinforced nylon and mesh design
  • Soft edges for maximum support
  • Comes with 10lbs of weight
  • Has stretchable pockets
  • Velcro belt for adjustments

The SKLZ Weighted vest has soft padded edges that ensure you are comfortable while working out. The vest comes with a 10lbs weight and is comfortable. It also has a nylon and mesh material that make it breathable while you are working out. The design is great and the price of $$ is also affordable.

One of the issues we had with the vest is that it’s very short while its aim is to improve the upper body. Apart from this, its low weight capacity makes it ideal only for lighter workouts.

If you have a short torso or do not mind the size, this vest does its job excellently. The same also applies if you are looking for a 10lbs max vest.


#6. BOX Super Short Weight Vest

box super short weighted vestWhen it comes to design, the BOX Super Short Weight vest may not stand as among the most aesthetically pleasing. However, the design is great for workouts as it helps with the function and mobility of the weight you will be wearing.

Features of the strength training vest include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Made of Nylon Cordura
  • Comes with removable weights
  • Fully padded for active workouts
  • Compact for CrossFit workouts

The composition of the weights and where they rest on the torso make the BOX Weighted vest great for super intensive workouts such as CrossFit. The vest is also made of breathable nylon fabric that is easy to clean.

When wearing the vest, you will not have to worry about it digging into your shoulder or underneath since it’s fully padded for comfort. Finally, the vest comes with removable weight increments of 2.5lbs. You can decide how much weight you would like to carry in the vest for specific workouts.

However, the Box Super vest is short and hence not suitable for people with a large torso. Moreover, most of the weight is towards the center of the torso instead of all the way towards the shoulder. However, we feel the weighted vest is perfect for anyone looking for more agility during workouts like CrossFit. If you have a short torso, this vest is an excellent choice.

You can buy the Box weighted vest at Amazon for $$.


#7. Hyper Vest Pro

hyper vest proThe super flexible Hyperwear Hyper Vest comes in a fantastic design and is unisex. Whether you have a smaller upper torso or a slightly larger one, you will love the style and comfort of the vest. This is one of the best weighted vests we tested.

Some of the features of the vest include:

  • Maximum 10lbs of weight
  • Laced for super adjustability
  • Open side ventilation
  • Stretch fabric that is resistant to odor
  • Available in a range of sizes (Small to XXL)

The adjustability of the Hyperwear Hyper Weighted vest makes it great for strength training. The vest can stretch to fit athletes with both smaller or larger torsos.

The mentality of “one size fits all” should be kicked out of fitness. The various sizes that the Hyperwear Hype Vest comes in make it versatile than 90 percent of its competitors. Its lace side is great for sizing as well as ventilation.

The Hyperwear vest comes with 10lbs of high-density steel weights. Many CrossFitters use this vest because it allows adding of extra weight, fits the body well and does not get in the way. The Hyperwear is one of the best weighted vest for CrossFit and running.

The vest is available at Amazon for $$.


#8. CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

cap barbell adjustable weighted vestThis strength training vest features a simple design. However, its performance is what made us list it among the best strength training vests.

Features of the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted vest include:

  • 40lbs to 150lbs torso weight range
  • Full torso design
  • Weight distribution in the front and back
  • Large, durable straps
  • Open size ventilation

The CAP Barbell weighted vest is very durable and its weight range is meant for serious trainers. The minimum weight capacity of the vest is 40lbs while the maximum is an incredible 150lbs. Like is expected, the vest has large and durable straps that keep it on the body contour and prevent it from sliding as you are working out. The full torso design makes it suitable for athletes with bulkier, larger torsos.

One of the downsides of this vest is that it’s not suitable for someone looking to train with a smaller amount of weight. If you are a beginner in weight training, we do not recommend this vest.

However, for firefighters, those preparing for basic training or long marches and other advanced athletes, this vest is highly recommended.


#9. HumanX Weighted Vest

The HumanX weighted vest features a simple design but has some outstanding features, including:

  • Available in 10lbs, 20lbs and 40lbs models
  • The weights have a flexible design that conforms to your body
  • Easy to wash
  • The design is compact i.e. has wide shoulder opening for mobility
  • 40lbs maximum weight
  • Stretchable material that fits snugly on your body

The HumanX has three weight increment options. Thus, both beginners and intermediates can use it at their own pace. The weight increments are 0.5 lbs., 1lbs, and 2 lbs. The compact design of the vest allows maximum mobility as you work out. The vest is easy to wash and dries fast. You can get rugged and rough with the HumanX weighted vest.

One of the unique features of the vest is that it comes in 3 options. These are the 10lbs weighted vest (With increments of 0.5 lbs.), 20lbs weighted vest (with increments of 1 lb.) and 40 lbs. weighted vest (with increments of 2lbs). Simply choose the weighted vest that fits the weight range you require for your workouts.

You can buy the vest at Amazon for $$.


#10. V-Force Weight Vest

v force weighted vestThe V-Force Weighted vest features a sleek and compartmentalized design that makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing vests in the market. The features of the strength training vest include:

  • Has both narrow and wide shoulder options
  • Maximum weight of 45lbs
  • Made from durable material that has passed the Wildland Firefighting test
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Weights are made of sand stored in flexible plastic
  • Triple Layered Pockets to secure weights
  • Multi-layer pocket for full back support

Most of the weight vests that have made it on this list of top rated strength training vests do not have size options that include a person’s weight. However, the V-Force is an exception. Whether you have narrow or wide shoulders, you will love this adjustable camouflage-inspired weight training vest.

The vest comes with a lifetime warranty since it made of the best material that has past the Wildland Firefighter pack test training. This is the most durable weighted vest we have tested to date.

In any fitness program, back support is important. The better back support of the V-Force vest is one of the features that sets it apart from the pack. You may be disappointed that the vest does not hold up to 50lbs but only reaching 45lbs. However, this is not so far off and it provides a comfortable resting point weight-wise.

Regardless of the few downsides, the V-Force is worth the purchase since it will last you a lifetime. The vest conforms to the body and is secure. You will not have to worry about it moving around as you work out. Moreover, it has shoulder room and you can adjust the straps and belt to fit you snugly.

You can buy the V-Force weighted vest at Amazon for $$.


#11. Cross101 Weight Vest

cross101 weighted vestThe Cross101 Adjustable Weighted Vest allows you to train as if you are in the army. The vest is perfect in length for both tall and short users, and is unisex.

Some of the features of the vest include:

  • One size fits all
  • One-piece design for convenience
  • Maximum of 40lbs
  • Adjustable weights available in 4lbs increments
  • Comes with ten 4lbs, Iron ore weights

The versatile additional weights of the Cross100 is better than competitor vests. This is because you don’t have to go up in increments of as low of 0.5lbs or 2lbs. The 4lb weight increment of the Cros101 allows you to train a set for a long time and add another one that will last an equally long time.

The Cross101 can carry a maximum of 40lbs. The vest comes with Iron Ore weights that are durable and strong. It also has a wide Velcro belt that keeps it and the weights in place. This one-size-fits-all weighted vest is perfect for trainers with both long and short torsos.

One of the disadvantages of the Cross 101 is that it may dig into your shoulders if you are somewhat bonier. This may happen due to the weight distribution on your end as well as your workout gear. You can easily resolve this issue by yourself.

We highly recommended the Cross101 Adjustable weight bench. And coming at only $$ at Amazon, this vest is a must-have home workout equipment.