Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

In the world of fitness, nothing is more important to creating the perfect body than burning fat. Let’s face it, if you work out, you want it to show. Shedding fat is a tough arduous business and selecting the best product is difficult to say the least. There are hundreds of weight loss products on the market, with a dozen different types of variations. The fat burners that I’ve put together here are all thermogenic fat burners. I feel that this category of supplements are the best fat burners currently available on the market today because they are the most effective at speeding up the body sculpting phase of your routine. If you are looking for a great fat burning supplement to incorporate into you fitness goals than pay close attention to the below list. I have based my research of these supplements on research, testing, and customer reviews.

Whichever thermogenic you pick just keep in mind that without a proper diet and without drinking ALOT of water, you not only reduce your body’s potential to burn the most fat, but you may even increase the chances of potential side effects. These supplements undoubtedly work, but they are a tool for you to use, not a magic pill that will solve all your problems without any effort. If you are smart about how you use these products, then you can lose a lot of fat in a very short amount of time.

Like always I am constantly searching for new and better thermogenic fat burners so please check back for updates.

If there is a product that you feel deserves to be on the list just let me know by leaving your comments below. Also, please read my “Points to keep in mind” below for some great pointers on proper stimulant-based supplement etiquette so you can maximize your fat burning potential safely and effectively!

 Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

1. Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Super-HD is a high powered stimulant based fat burning support agent. It was developed after months of research and an extensive testing period by the folks over at Cellucor. This is a thermogenic that enhances your mind and body’s functions. The ingredients contained in the formulation promote powerful energy as well as focus, weight loss and elevated moods.

Cellucor Super HD targets fat cells and helps curb your appetite so you can lose fat quicker without feeling hungry which leads to binging. It also provides a nice steady stream of energy that is beneficial for all aspects of your life so can focus better and get more things done in and out of the weight room. The formulation delivers an improved resistance to strenuous physical exercise. You will also experience a prolonged adrenaline-like response in your body. It also enhances blood flow to your muscles, which means that oxygen is adequately utilized by the body.

You can never go wrong with Cellucor and this supplement is shaping up to be a winner. The cost for 60 pills is about $40.00 which will last you anywhere from 20-30 days depending on how many you take each day. One pill contains 160mg of caffeine per pill which is strong enough to be taken by itself, but for those who need more adding 1 or 2 more should be more than enough caffeine to keep you alert and focused throughout the day.
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Lowest Prices On Cellucor Super HD (60 capsules)

2. USP Labs OxyElite

This is a great fat burner and I’ll tell you why… First of all, there is little to no crash. You definitely feel these fat burners, because you are getting 300mg per day if you are taking the full amount. That is a good amount to take in combination with the other ingredients like the Bauhinia Purpurea because they work synergistically to really drop pounds of weight. Women should take 1 in the morning and one at night, and men should start taking 1 and 1 and eventually work up to 2 morning/1 afternoon when you are used to it. I’m on them now, and I’ve lost 5 lbs. in 4 days. This is a great buy at $36 for the how well it performs, but it is possible to get it cheaper here.

This supplement has a fantastic reputation for really working and I suspect that if you know anything about these types of supplements than you have either tried this or know someone who has so it shouldn’t be any surprise to see it end up here on my list. If you search around you online will not find any other fat burner with more positive reviews than this one. Of course like anything in life, nothing last forever and even though this is still an effective fat burner now, I believe the others found here are equally good in their own right.


Lowest Prices on USP Labs OxyElite (90 capsules)


BSN has always been an industry leader and Hyper Shred simply re-emphasizes this point. Unlike Muscle Pharm’s Hyper Shred that has you taking up to 6 pills per day, Hyper Shred is only a 1-2 pill serving per day formula that is not only a suitable fat burner, but can also be used a pre workout booster in the gym. Although BSN still use proprietary concoctions which always make me angry, the full spectrum of quality ingredients and shear potency of the product make up for it. Another hallmark of BSN is the generous price per servings you get with their products. With Hyper Shred, if you are sensitive to caffeine or are keeping you caffeine intake low, then one pill per day will suit you which will yield you 90 days’ worth of fat burning power at your disposal! If you are hardcore than at worst you are still getting 45 days’ worth of serious fat burning supplementation, so either way you win here.

When I evaluate a supplement I am looking for 3-4 major factors that help me determine the effectiveness of a product: thermogenic properties, appetite suppression, cost per serving, customer reviews. Hyper Shred has solid marks in all of these categories. You’ve got Caffeine Anhydrous, Bitter Orange Extract, Red Pepper, Black Pepper for energy and boosting metabolism. Nootropic Stimulators***Bacopa (Whole Plant) (20% Bacosides A&B), DL-Phenylalanine, Niacin, Toothed Club Moss (Aerial Parts) (1% Huperzine A), Pyridoxine HCL, Riboflavin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Cyanocobalamin. Hyper Shred also has some Insulin support to lessen the impact of a low carb diet regimen.


Lowest Prices on BSN:HYPER SHRED (90 capsules)

4. MP Shred Matrix

This is a great weight loss supplement by Muscle Pharm that addresses fat burning, appetite suppression, and increased energy. This supplement has been around for a while, but it continues to compete with the newer ones above because it works and also has tons of reviews by others claiming that fact. There are some good ingredients like 3 different types of caffeine, appetite suppressing agents, as well as many other plant extracts to all work in conjunction to help you lose fat consistently.

There is some criticism regarding the 6 pills per day serving size and to some extent I can understand, however for those of you out there that are sensitive to caffeine than this is exactly what you need. Each pill has about 50mg of caffeine so it makes it easier for you to scale up to a full dose if you are sensitive to caffeine. It is also equally easy and important to scale down when you are coming off of caffeine and need to reduce your caffeine intake by 50mg increments.

This supplement is as strong as the others but delivers in the end. Start with 1 pill in the morning, 1 in the afternoon to assess your tolerance.


Lowest Prices on MP Shred Matrix (120 capsules)

5. BPI Sports RoxyLean

BPI Sports RoxyLean is a weight loss support product that contains blood activating agents and synergetic catalysts that are highly effective in weight loss. Apart from energy supplementation, RoxyLean enhances focus, suppresses your appetite and controls food cravings as well as improving your mental and physical performance.

This is an excellent health supplement when you are looking to burn fat fast and at the same time increase your muscle tone and energy. It is also effective for people looking to break past dieting plateaus. However, it is evident that RoxyLean is far from perfect and this may be attributed to its formulation. This is probably why it is a good appetite suppressant but its concentration of caffeine, though sufficient for most people to provide energy, is not suitable for everyone. However, it is very effective as a fat burner, with results that are evident within a few weeks of using it.


Lowest Prices on BPI Sports RoxyLean (60 capsules)

6. Axis Labs: Adipo-X

So I was researching fat burners the other day and someone on a popular fitness forum mentioned how good Adipo-X is. So I decided to investigate and after reading some more reviews and checking out the fat burning properties of this product, bam, it makes it to my best thermogenic fat burner list. According to the sales page, Adipo-X works by stimulating the beta-receptors in your fat cells which is believed to incinerate fat quickly. The ingredient responsible for this is Raspberry ketones which has become a must-have ingredient for all good fat burners. Adipo-X also supports appetite control, does not burn away valuable muscle, supports your thyroid functions, helps elevate your mood, and does not leave you feeling like you just took a drug or hung over (also known as crashing). Although Adipo-X uses a proprietary blend, I imagine that the amount of caffeine is not as much as some of the other, more aggressive fat burners on the market.

There are 120 pills per bottle with a maximum suggested serving of 6 pills per day. I don’t think to many people will need to take that much in order to lose weight so in my opinion, 3-4 per day is enough which should give you anywhere from 30-40 days’ worth of fat burning. This is a great fat burner that addresses the key elements of fat burning: Energy, Appetite suppression, Thyroid function, and elevated metabolism. This is a great fat burner for anyone looking for a moderately strong fat burner that will spare your muscles and won’t leave you crashing down 3 hours later. Highly recommended.

Lowest Prices on Axis LabsAdipo-X

7. MuscleTech: Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Not to be out done by BSN, MP, Cellucor, and others, MuscleTech has once again re-invented (ok altered) there award winning fat burner brand to bring you another variation of Hydroxycut with their new Hardcore Elite series (What is this the 6th or 7th one?). So what’s changed? Well aside from a new look, they have begun to use a transparent labeling system that I’m all for and they have played around with the caffeine amount as well as including “Coleus, yohimbe and L-theanine have all been added to contribute to the one-of-a-kind sensory experience.*” – Hydroxcut Hardcore Elite.

Let’s start with the price per servings. There are a total of 100 pills per bottle with a recommended serving amount to be 4xday. That would give you 25 days’ worth of product at the highest amount taken each day. Now, the bottle does state to assess your tolerance level and gradually scale up to a full serving, but with the total amount of caffeine that is in 4 pills, I just don’t see why anyone would take that much which leads me to the caffeine amount.

Each serving contains 270mg of Caffeine Anhydrous PLUS 200mg of green coffee extract which adds another 20mg of caffeine. That’s nearly 300mg of caffeine per serving and if you take it 2x per day than that’s about 600mg of caffeine per day for about 3 weeks. Some people can handle this much caffeine, I however cannot. For me, 300mg-400mg of caffeine per day is enough. I believe that caffeine is a tool to help you lose weight, not a vice. Be careful taking this much caffeine over prolonged periods.

Overall, this is a great fat burner, but I do not agree with the recommended serving of 4 pills a day. For me 2 a day is enough and at that amount it would yield me 50 days’ worth of fat burning per bottle which would make this a good purchase at that amount, otherwise I believe it’s just too strong for the average person.


Lowest Prices on MuscleTech:

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (100 capsules)

8. ErgoGenix: ErgoShred

Flying a bit under the radar is ErgoShred by ErgoGenix. This fat burner has many of the same ingredients as the other products out on the market, but what makes this fat burner different is the attention to how the body responds to some of these stimulants by including ingredients to help with absorption while lessoning the negative effects of acid indigestion and hindered athletic performance. To start, there is 100mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per pill and at 2 pills per day (the recommended serving amount), this amount of caffeine is lower than the others. By including additional ingredients to address other metabolic processes, ErgoShred exposes a more complete fat burning process:

“Through the combination of QuercetinCaffeineN-Methyltyramine (NMT), and Zingerone in effective amounts, ErgoShred exploits many different metabolic pathways in synergy.*” – ErgoGenix

ErgoShred also addresses the common side-effect of heartburn by including 230mg of Calcium which is a common anti-acid as well as Capsimax®, an extract of Capsicum which comes from red bell peppers and is a common ingredient found in some over the counter anti-acids. Does Capsicum help with weight loss? No. But for me, including this compound into a substance that is notorious for aggravating my acid reflux, I can appreciate the inclusion of this because there have been times where it’s difficult to work out when you have heartburn and if this can help with that than it’s an ingredient worth including.

The last thing I want to mention is the price per servings here. At 2 pills per day, you get a full 90 days’ worth of product which is great for anyone doing a 3 month fat burning cycle. This product is perfect for those of us who are sensitive to caffeine or are restricting there caffeine intake.


Lowest Prices on ErgoGenix: ErgoShred

9. MHP: Thyro-Slim

How many restless nights have you had while taking a fat burner? It’s pretty common especially if you follow a low carb diet and workout hard. You can be up for several reasons such as low blood sugar, jitters from caffeine, and even cold sweats. That’s why I like Thyro-Slim, it is an AM/PM 24 hour formula that does not have a ton of caffeine in it that will keep you up or irritate you, and it also helps support your adrenal glands and thyroid so you can get a more complete all around fat burning experience. Thyro-Slim has just enough energy in it to stimulate fat burning, provide a good amount of energy, and appetite control in the AM formula. The PM formula has NO stimulants, but still continues to help you burn fat by supporting the thyroid, help you to not retain water, and also help with detoxification of impurities.

The AM formula has many of the hallmarks of a good fat burner such as Caffeine, green tea extract, guarana, and Raspberry Ketones, but how this fat burner is different is in the support of the major internal organs that process these stimulants every day. Some interesting ingredients are Bladderwrack Kelp, Atlantic Kelp, Sargasso Seaweed which are good for PH balancing and appetite reduction. Thyro-Slim also has Advantra Z® included in it to support additional fat burning.

The PM formula also has some worthwhile ingredients in it that not only help you burn fat without stimulants, but also may help you get good night’s sleep. Another very interesting claim made by Thyro-Slim is that it also helps support the adrenal glands which take a beating from the stimulants, and also helps to regulate your blood-sugar levels which to me are important in maintaining a good mood.


Lowest Prices on MHPThyroSlim

10. Xenadrine XT

Xenadrine XT is a new fat burner that is potent, effective, and just like Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite! In fact, not only are the ingredients similar, but so is the sales page and graphics! It’s almost like an April fool’s day prank or something. I know I’m supposed to review this product, but I already did! LOL Here is the exact same ingredients for Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite and Xenadrine XT:

270mg caffeine

200mg Green Coffee Extract

100mg L-Theanine

56.3mg Yohimbe Extract

120 pills per bottle

2 pills x2 a day recommended serving size

That’s basically the whole ingredient profile. Xenadrine XT also contains 150mg of Sage Leaf (As Salvia Officinal is) and 50mg of Rhodiola Root Extract (As Rhodiola Rosea). Rhodiola Extract has been used in supplements to enhance and support mood elevations whereas Sage leaf has been shown to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Xenadrine XT cost about $45 per bottle which should last you between 40-60 days depending on your serving size. Since Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a bit cheaper than XT than I would go with that product if I had the choice. You might as well save $5 for the same thing right?


Lowest Prices on Xenadrine XT (120 capsules)

Some Good Points To Keep In Mind…

Well, there’s my top 10 list of the best thermogenic fat burners for 2012. I believe that any of these fat burners will work, provided that you follow a strict diet and fitness plan. Since fat burners are a very popular supplement to take, this list will be updated frequently to reflect any new and effective products that hit the market.

I’ve been taking fat burners, pre workout supplements, protein, and others supplements for many years so believe me when I tell you that increasing your green vegetable intake while on these supplements will do wonders for your internal organs, skin, hair, and your entire body. I also strongly believe that if you take these products for prolonged periods of time without cycling them (stopping use for 3-4 weeks) then you are playing Russian Roulette with your body, not to mention your tolerance will be so high that you may not even feel the effects of these products and you will be just flushing your hard earned money down the toilet. I also believe that these fat burners should provide you with ample energy so I don’t recommend stacking them with other stimulant-based supplements. Taking way too much caffeine will begin to have more of a negative effect than a positive one be responsible and make smart informed decisions and you will reap the benefits of them.

One other word of warning regarding these supplements: Do not drink any alcohol while taking them. I’ve made that mistake before in the past and my body has suffered because of it. What happens is that you will become super dehydrated, fatigued, get an upset stomach, and even get moderate to severe heartburn so learn from my mistakes and just don’t do it. If you really must drink than have no more than 2-4 drinks per month. Any more than that and you will be decreasing the effectiveness of these products and increasing the chances of side-effects.

Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day.

The chemical process of burning fat (citric acid cycle and hydrolysis) requires large amounts of water in order to work effectively. These fat burners will cause a diuretic effect, plus you will be working out and sweating (hopefully), and your body requires water to properly function anyway, so it is absolutely mandatory that you drink as much water as possible. If you can’t drink that much, don’t worry you can work yourself up to it. In fact, I recommend that you work up to it because if you are not accustom to drinking large amounts of water than it may be somewhat of a shock to your system. Gradually increase your water intake until you can comfortably drink 8-12 16 ounce glasses of water per day.

At first you may retain water and appear to be more bloated. Because you want to lose weight and look leaner, you may feel the urge to stop, don’t make that mistake. Your body will adjust to the increased water intake and your will begin to pee it out and the hydrolysis process of fat burning will begin to work and you will lean out. It takes about 5-6 days to adjust to it and as you do you will start to notice these changes taking place as the days go on.

One more thing before I get off my soap box 

Just remember: Losing weight is the goal here, not pumping your veins full of caffeine. Choose a fat burner that is suitable for your body and tolerance level and you and your body will be glad you did. There is so much emphasis on “the strongest” fat burner (stimulants) that people often forget why they are even taking them to begin with which is to burn fat and sculpt your body.