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Best Fat Burners For Women – Total Fitness Quest

Best Fat Burners For Women

Trying to determine what the best fat burners for women are amongst the hundreds of supplements out there can be difficult because there really is no definitive answer as to what suits women best. It’s true that men and women are built differently both on the outside as well as inside, but do these differences mean that there should be fat burners that are specifically designed for a women?

Do women really need special fat burners?

This is a common question that actually is considered highly debatable. On one side of the argument you have the supplement manufacturers of these products like Curvelle or Estrin-D that market weight loss pills specifically towards women and women’s needs. These types of women’s fat burners contain added ingredients that claim to help “beautify” women as they lose weight and/or help control their menstrual cycle like the manufacturer of Size O claim to do. They are definitely convinced that women need specialized weight loss products so that they can reach their ultimate goals.

Here are some of the most highly marketed fat burners for women:

* Curvelle
* Size 0
* NxCare’s NV
* Slim Quick
* Estrin-D
* Hydroxycut Max – The Only Decent Product Here
* Thincinerator
* Jillian Michael’s Extreme Maximum Strength Fat Burner
* Kim Kardashians & Quick Trim’s Extreme Burn Fat Burner

These pills are ok at best but actually were very successful as far as the overall impact they had on marketplace when they first came out. There really hasn’t been a women’s section for fat burners in bodybuilding since up until recently. Although these pills may help with losing weight, I’m afraid that most of these fat burners have been successful more because of clever marketing strategies and less because of the actual effectiveness of the products themselves.

On the other side of the argument, you have the real hardcore bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast (such as myself) that share the opinion that most of these products are basically garbage wrapped with a pretty bow around it. Its fine to have new supplements come out that cater towards women, but a fat burner, like any other supplement, is only as good as its ingredients listed on the label. The ingredients that comprise these supplements are no different than any other; it’s just that you have a famous celebrity like Jilian Michaels or Kim Kardashian’s picture next to it. Celebrity endorsements do not make a product better, but many people think that it does because it is a sign of quality. Sometimes this can be the case with different products, but based on my research, this is really not the case with fat burners.

My personal view is that women are different, however the fat burning processes that take place in the human body are not, so there really is no need to try to create a specialized women’s only fat burner and try to market it as the only way women can lose weight. If you want to take a pill to help your skin and nails grow stronger than get a supplement like biotin or vitamin E to do that, but if your intentions are to lose fat, then stick to the companies that have a reputation for producing high quality fat burners and forget about what famous chick’s face is plastered on the bottle.

Despite what side of the argument you lean towards there is no denying the fact that there are thousands of women from all over the world who range in all different types of ages, races, and backgrounds that are working out hard (sometimes harder than men  ) and take supplements to assist in achieving their fitness and bodybuilding goals and these women need some solid answers and a solid fat burner for women like OxyELITE Pro by USPLabs.

Voted the best fat burner on bodybuilding.com, OxyELITE is the best fat burner for women as well as men because of the perfect combination of fat loss ingredients, right amount of stimulants, and no crash or jittery feelings after prolonged use. You only need to take 1-2 pills per day which is always convenient and easy to take. Plus there is 100mg of caffeine per pill which I believe is optimal for a woman’s size and body weight.

You can start out by only taking 1 pill either before breakfast or lunch to assess your tolerance. Taking 1 pill would have to same caffeine as 1 20OZ cup of coffee. Once you feel comfortable enough work up to 2 pills per day if necessary making the total amount of caffeine you consume per day to be 200mg. Any more caffeine than that is not really necessary.

*Tip- Try taking 1 pill before a workout to really maximize your fat loss potential!

What I really like about this particular fat burner is that it is not harsh on your system at all and you don’t crash, or suddenly feel tired and irritable like you would if you drank coffee or take some other lower quality fat burners. You begin feeling the pills in about 10-15 minutes and it gives you a nice clean energy that is very uplifting and usually last about 3-4 hours per pill from my experience with it. I will admit that you do notice that the effects begin to wear off, but that’s about it.

OxyELITE Pro is a great woman’s fat burner and can greatly assist you in quickly achieving your weight loss goals but keep in mind this fat burner is for people who are serious about losing weight and want to get the most out of their workouts and diet. This fat burner, like any other, is highly effective and can transform, tighten, and tone your hips, thighs, and butt much faster than working out alone, but the key to optimal weight loss is that you also must work out and diet correctly. If you do not work out that much and still diet well, then OxyElite Pro will still be very effective, but you could possibly reduce your fat loss capabilities by about 25%-30%.

Buy USPlabs OxyELITE Pro, 90 Capsules