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As we celebrate our 5th year, we are happy to open our 3rd annual athletics scholarship; the TotalFitnessQuest Athletics Scholarship. Our scholarship is geared towards students who are active in their school’s sports teams.

About TFQ Scholarship

Our Bi-annual scholarship is aimed at students that are members of their college or university athletics team.

Scholarship Award: $1500

Application Deadline: April 15, 2018

Feedback: within 30 days after the application deadline

Participation Requirements

  • Applicants must be a student at a US College or University.
  • Applicants should submit an essay that is thoroughly researched.
  • Applicants should uphold originality and thus, the paper must be plagiarism-free
  • Applicants should exhibit high creativity in their essay

How to Apply:

To apply, please write an essay of between 1500-3000 words on the following topic: How Colleges Can Prevent Student Athlete Injuries

Your essay MUST address TWO main areas (both must be covered to have a chance of winning):

1 What is the role of college/universities in preventing student athlete injuries? What steps can the institutions take to prevent injuries of their teams?

2 Give examples of 3 or more US colleges/universities that have implemented some of the suggestions you have discussed in (1) above .


Attach your essay in MS Word format and send it as an email to

Also, include the following crucial details in your email;

  • Personal details i.e. your full name, age, gender, valid phone number, your address and Postal Code
  • The name of your current educational institution i.e. name of University or College
  • Your specialization at the institution
  • Valid identification that proves that you are a student at the mentioned institution
  • A photo of yourself in your school team’s uniform


The deadline for application is April 15, 2018. The applications will be reviewed by our editors and the winning essay chosen within 30 days from the application deadline. The winner shall be personally contacted and awarded $1500 . Confirmation to be made via a mail.

The prize must be claimed within 1 month of the announcement date. This scholarship is offered twice every academic year.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for the  Scholarship entry is April 15, 2018, 11:59 pm PST.

When will the scholarship funds be available?

The funds will be available for the 2017-2018 school year.

Is this scholarship renewable?

No, it is a single semester scholarship. New scholarships are available each year. You may re-apply each year.

How many scholarships are available? And how much are they?

Two (2) scholarships are available of $1,500 each.

How is a winner determined?

The winning submission will be the applicant who meets or exceeds the eligibility requirements and submits a creative and thought-provoking essay that answers the required question.

When will the winner be selected? How will they be notified?

A winner will be selected by May 15, 2018. TotalFitnessQuest will notify the winner by email. In the event the winner does not respond within 72 hours of the initial contact attempt, a new winner will be chosen.

What about eligibility verification?

Prior to collecting the scholarship award, the winner will be required to verify their school status and other eligibility requirements.

Can I mail in a paper application?

No, we do not accept any paper applications. Please send your essay via email to

How can the scholarship be used?

The funds may be used for tuition at an accredited university or used to cover other educational expenses at an accredited university.