AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Rogue is one of the most trusted brands in the fitness industry and has put together a high-end weight bench for the market. The AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench is strong, durable and stable. The bench does not come with any color customization or fancy frills but is designed to give you a proper workout.

rogue fitnessIf you are looking for a bench that will allow you to develop the muscles on different parts of your body, you should check out the Rogue 2.0. The sturdy bench comes with a lot of options for both beginner and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

The bench is well made and near flawless like the majority of Rogue’s gear. Read on for an overview of the features of the bench, the exercises you can accomplish with it, customer reviews and pros and cons.

AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench Overview

Rogue stands out among the fitness equipment manufacturers that have the best. For example, the company will consolidate your shipping if you order the bench together with a few bumpers.

The Rogue AB-2 is one of best benches available in the market. The bench is rock solid and doesn’t become unstable or wobble even when at an incline position. The bench can easily adjust and is also has a variety of points of adjustments to allow for a wide range of workouts.

While the bench is slightly heavy, the wheels make it easy to move around. Moreover, the handle folds out of the way. You can also adjust the seat to a decline, like is the case with the Rae Crowther bench. Therefore, it is likely that a leg holder attachment may be added to the bench in the future.

The bench is covered in a mesh fabric on the sides. The fabric holds up well and makes the bench look good. The bench is priced well, looks great, is solid and shipped lighting fast. You cannot go wrong by ordering the AB-Rogue adjustable workout bench.

Check the AB-2 Rogue Weight Bench Full Specifications

Rogue Adjustable Bench Features

  1. Angles

The Rogue bench backrest has 4 positions that give you plenty of options for your workoutWhen the backseat is adjust to an incline position, the seat tilts into position to keep you comfortable and stable when working out. While there are a number of benches with different positions, the 4 positions on the Rogue are enough to enable you get all your muscles exercised.

  1. Dimensions

Unlike many weight benches that have a tapered backrest, the AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench backrest padding is the same width from top to bottom. The uniform width of the padding ensures your upper body has enough support even if you have broad shoulders.
As you work out, you cannot trip over since the front feet are shorter than those at the back. The adjustable bench has a low height of 17” when in the flat position. This means your feet will always be on the ground when lifting weight.

The bench measures 52”x12”x18” (when flat) or 52” when raised to 90°.

  1. Materials Used

The bench features a modern and streamlined design that ensures nothing disrupts your training. The seat and backrest padding are made from high quality foam and are sturdy and firm. They are also very absorbent and hence you won’t leave the bench in a puddle of sweat after training.

The Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench stays firm on the ground thanks to its rubber-covered feet. The rubber gives the bench a good grip in both carpeted and wooden floors. The bench has wheels at the handle and the back for easy moving from place to place.

You can easily move the 94lbs bench to various positions during your workout. The bench is made from long-lasting, heavy duty 2” x 2” and 2”x3” 11-gauge tube steel and hence will last long. You will not have to worry about breakages or bending of the frame.

Features Summary

  • Has more than 50 combinations of backrest and seat positions to choose from, hence is massively versatile.
  • Compact workout bench that can easily fit even in small space training areas.
  • Studier and more maneuverable than majority of weight benches in its class.
  • 6 different seat settings for various body building exercises.
  • 9 different backrest positions (from flat bench to 85° upright) that allow a variety of workouts.
  • Made in America by a trusted fitness equipment manufacturer.
  • Stays stable on the ground thanks to the load-bearing rubber on the feet.
  • Has convenient handle and wheels for easy mobility.

Checking on Rogue Fitness Website, it is clear that the Rogue AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench is a favorite of many customers. Majority of the people who bought the bench are happy with its design, build and performance.

Check All FEATURES of the AB-2 Rogue Weight Bench

Most customers have given the bench 4 or 5 star rating (click here to check rating and read reviews).For most customers, the bench is a great equipment for home workouts. Below, I have summarized the main pros and cons that customers have cited about the bench on Amazon.

Pros of the Rogue Adjustable Bench

  • The 6 seat positions provide a variety of option for upper body weight training exercises.
  • Strong and study bench that has no wobbling
  • Made from high quality steel. You will own the bench for the rest of your life.
  • Comes already assembled and ready for use
  • Makes workouts comfortable thanks to the durable and highly absorbent seat and back support cushion.
  • Lifetime warranty is proof of the excellent workmanship and durability of the bench.
  • Measuring only 52” in length, the bench makes an excellent equipment for your home or garage gym.
  • The firm pad gives you stability during workouts.

Cons of Rogue Adjustable Bench

  • Has only six seat positions while its counterparts in the same price range have up to a dozen.
  • Is a little expensive for anyone looking for a first time bench. Unless you have been bodybuilding for some time, you should start with more affordable weight benches.
  • At the time of writing, there is no foot attachment available which would make it possible to use the bench at decline.

Assembling the Rogue Fitness Bench

This is one of the few benches that come already assembled and ready for use. You can start using the bench immediately you unpack it.


With this solid adjustable weight bench, you get a lifetime warranty. The frames used for the AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Bench will serve you and your family’s generation.

AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench Review Summary

The heavy duty weight bench from Rogue is definitely on a class of its own. It is study, reliable and solid and hence bound to last for years. However, its high price tag means it may not be the right choice of occasional lifters.

Rogue is one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers in the US. If you already have some Rogue accessories, the adjustable bench will make a good addition for your home gym.

The heavy duty bench does not wobble, is made from high quality materials and its reasonably low height will ensure your feet stay firm on the ground during your workouts.

Moreover, with the lifetime warranty, you will not need to buy any weight bench again. This adjustable bench will definitely prove beneficial for your health and money in the long run.

Price, Features & Specification of the AB-2 Rogue Weight BenchCustomer Reviews of the AB-2 Rogue Weight Bench

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  • Bench Angles
  • Durability
  • Price


AB Rogue is a heavy duty bench does not wobble, is made from high quality materials and its reasonably low height will ensure your feet stay firm on the ground during your workouts.